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Church Clarity An Online Database Force Pastors and Churches To Tell The Truth About Their Support For Homosexuality.

Reader an online database has been launched in an effort to single out churches opposed to gay marriage. The online database was launched Wednesday to single out churches opposed to homosexuality seemingly to encourage clarity in whether various churches support LGBT lifestyles. The database, called 'Church Clarity' asks all churches to declare their position on 'Affirming/Not Affirming' LGBT.

Jesus Take The Wheel:Church Service Comes To A Halt After Man Unleashes Pitbull Inside!??!?!

Reader what in the world, I'm so confused....would I shoot the man, the dog or both. Check out what Sheilah Belle has to say about this incident.


  1. Was the man homeless? Did the dog attack anyone? Did the police do their job? If nothing happened, then case closed!! Maybe the man was a mental case because people do some crazy things all the time (like riding NAKED on a stolen lawnmower here in my State). So Belle, what's the issue. Oh, I see, it's a racial thing. OK!!!!

  2. Anonymous really? Do you know what pit hulls are capable of? ? I dont care who you are, when you have a dog that is outside of your personal property, they need to be on a leash. Dogs can be dangerous. On top of the fact he was refusing to put the dog on a leash even after police asked him to.

    You clearly did not read the article.

    1. Thanks Amazed, for replying to Anonymous comment, sometime I just can't deal with the crazy.

  3. Hello, (I don't know who you are either). YES, I read the article and clearly know what a Pit Bull (not 'hull') is capable of. I would say stop the crazy accusations and maybe you won't have to deal with it. You said Dr. Tony Evanssermon' impacted you to check your heart....SO DO IT. And I ASK AGAIN, HOW DO YOU BOTH SAY IT WAS A RACIAL THING.... just because he was a white guy with a dog in a "black church". Did he tell the dog to attack? I would be scared too. But according to your article I don't see that is what happened. Sorry!!

    1. So i had a typo....lol

      I never made it racial. You did.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Betty Sue WoodsTuesday, 19 July, 2016

    You sound like a darn fool, arguing with someone about what they see as problematic. Black folks let Dylan Roof into their church and we see how that turn out. A white man with a pit bull dog come in a black church and let the dog loose and you don't see a problem?

  5. HERE WE GO...I was waiting for the name calling. Oh well! I never said this wasn't a problem. My point is why make it a racial issue? MAYBE the guy was an idiot or ignorant minded (short of brain cells). The police were called and they escorted the man out (I would have done the same thing). Even still, nowhere do I read that the man told the dog to attack.... according to the article. But, obviously, I wasn't there and neither were you. The man was crazy,OK,.... why bring a dog into a church? I can tell you people LOVE their pets and spend big money on them. I'm sure you are aware of that. Are they going to SUE the man for traumatizing the parishioners? Why does some of (US) do the things we do? How about this as a Headliner.... "Black man goes into a black church with his Pit Bulldog, unleashes the dog, but the dog just sits there"! How much news would that have brought? NONE!!

    1. Betty Sue Woods:Wednesday, 20 July, 2016

      Anonymous you stupid,I'm very happy that no one was hurt. Unfortunately, we now need security to attend our own churches.


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