Church Announcement: Las Vegas Church Labeled A Hate Group?!?!?!

Reader remember Westboro Baptist Church? Remember how they were described as a hate group a couple of years ago and run out of many cities? Well, now there is a black group that is just like them, according to some.  They are known as the black Israelite movement. They are a mixture of groups that have as their core belief that black people in America are the descendants of the Israelites, and that they are the only people who have a saving covenant with their god, and that the white people otherwise known as Edomites by the movement, will be their slaves in heaven or in the millennial kingdom if they submit to their rule now.(it's hard to say exactly because there is a wide variance from group to group some believe white people won't be there at all).  White people are the devil. They believe the KJV is the only true version of the Bible. They made up their own form of Hebrew, which is basically idiotic. They reject the deity of Christ, and many more heresies.

A new church in Las Vegas is being called a hate group. The I-Team visited the church to find out why and discovered the church members disagree. The church's philosophy dictates if a person not part of certain races, he or she will eventually be a slave for the church’s members. Church leaders say they are not a hate group, because they claim they don't hurt anyone. Preaching on the streets and spreading its message worldwide, the Israel United in Christ (IUIC) Church is now setting up a location in Las Vegas.



  1. ONE WORD......STUPID!! And people wonder why there is such GROSS darkness over the earth. Just as a certain political person knowingly committed a criminal offense and 'GETS AWAY WITH IT' and these people think everything is OK. You have Got to be kidding me! My point... corruption and deceit all around (even in the church). (I apologize for deviating from the article) BUT, I'm speaking my Godly conviction. So, all I can say is....ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR

  2. I would not label them as a hate group. I watched some YouTube clips of these individuals and I would classify them as a cult. A hate group encourages violence towards a group of people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. The Israel United in Christ twists scripture to fit their Black nationalist viewpoints. Blacks should be very careful about these groups. The solution to the article mentioned is knowing the Word for yourself and not being swayed by IUIC, the Black Hebrew Israelites, or any group twisting Scripture to justify separatism. But to classify the group as a hate group, that is a stretch.

  3. Ann, I wouldn't call them idiots or a hate group... the beauty of America is the freedom of religion... everyone is free to worship their form of religion.

    Hell, there are a lot of folks who call themselves Christians and who profess to believe the Bible but don't practice what's written in It. Women preachers, women pastors, women prophets, women bishops, women deacons are all against the Bible yet they aren't said to be heretics...

    1. I agree and I believe in freedom of religion. As a Christian, I would be cautious about this group and understand where they are coming from. The hate group monikier, in this case, is inaccurate.

  4. Yep. This cult, woops, I mean group is growing bigtime and alot black folks are buying into this. Ok, now it depends on what definition of "hate" we're talking about. The LGBTQ and the gov't wants to paint the picture of Christians who believe homosexuality is not within God's order as hate. Yep. Saw this coming. Do I hate the homosexual? No. But in their eyes I do because I'm not down with a man going into the women's restroom which is what the gov't wants me to be cool with. My nieces or wife in the bathroom with a man. smh. As far as the Hebrew Israelite folks are concerned? They forgot about the basic John 3:16. Oh, they'll say it wasn't for everyone. smh. Here's the perfect exchange if anyone's interested on how confused this folks are:


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