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Fix It Jesus,Why Millennials Are Ditching Religion For Witchcraft And Astrology!??!??!

Reader  interesting read! We have got to reach out to this generation. We have to lovingly mentor this generation. There world is way different that what some of us had. We lead by example. What happen from one generation to the next? Where did the ball get dropped? If he isn't the center of our life, walk, the way we entreat an react then how do we except Him to be theirs?!! "The psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — grew 2% between 2011 and 2016. It is now worth $2 billion annually, according to industry analysis firm IBIS World".

Church Announcement: There Is No First Lady Marvin Sapp!

Reader newly elected Bishop Marvin Sapp had to speak out against a woman on social media claiming to be his wife. The well-known singer and pastor Marvin Sapp apparently have an online stalker. What makes this woman unusual is the fact that she claims to be his new wife. The woman has created pages on Facebook under the name “Annisha Sapp” and lists in her personal information “Married to Bishop Marvin Sapp. Chosen by God. Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Government,Entrepreneur.” She states in her bio that she has been a US Immigration officer since 1998 and has been married since June 2001. In addition, her Twitter handle states, “Married to Bishop Marvin Sapp. Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Government, Entrepreneur. Chosen by God. Rom 10:13 Whosoever calls upon the Lord shall be saved.” Marvin Sapp is now speaking out and posted the following to his Facebook page:

“‪#‎IMPORTANT‬ This young woman has posted and has been posing as my new wife. SHE IS NOT MY WIFE!!!! The only reason why I’m posting this is not to put her on blast, however it is because she has placed a link onto her page as it pertains to my booking. PLEASE DONT BOOK THROUGH HER FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. Also please request from both media sites that her sites be shut down/removed. Thank you all for your help and support.”  
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  1. Something ain't right about Sapp. He keep getting these type charges against him. This is very unusual. I still think there was more to the story of the doctor who came up missing. Sapp is leading these women on in some way form or fashion. Even the death of his wife is suspect to me.

  2. His wife having cancer is suspect to you?

    Smh go on somewhere

    1. Yup...Kanye West mother died after plastic surgery. She was given 20 vicodin. Kanye sold his soul and sacrificed his mother for fame. Sapp is illumanati just like Kanye and sacrificed his wife. Sapp shed his fake tears and showed a strange type of remorse that was fake. He calls himself a bishop surrounded by so much craziness and controversy. He does not meet the qualification of one who is blameless. You get out of here!

    2. And for all we know he may be married to this lady, his evil ways doing things underground in the darkness of the world of Satan. Sapp is not innocent by any means.

    3. I agree. Something doesnt sit right at all with man

    4. *with this man*

  3. His wife having cancer is suspect to you?

    Smh go on somewhere


    His first stalker died under suspicious circumstances, and now he HAS ANOTHER ONE?!?!

    If I were him, I would be shutting it down.
    No Facebook
    No Twitter
    No Instagram

    You want me to do a concert at your church?
    I need cash up front, and I ain't signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

    You want me to sing at your woman's retreat?
    You better buy my CD's and some nice stereo equipment.

    I might only check my mail box once a month.

    1. LOL! Cop you need to quit....haha..

  5. Marvin Sapp is a womanizer and he has been having female groupie issues since that doctor went missing.

  6. I don't know the man but y'all sound like jeolous lying slaves.

  7. Dr. GREGG...you sound a little inebriated..


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