Church Announcement: New Church Coming Soon, Hosted By Pastor Frank Ray,III,Prophet Brian Carn, and Prophet Jonathan Ferguson.

Reader Prophet Brian Carn has announced via social media that he and his two best friends in the ministry are about to start a church in Charlotte, NC, maybe.



  1. Given the controversy he has dealt with, I would fast and pray some more before doing services in Charlotte and Jacksonville. This could wear him down physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    1. Powerful Young preacher's!

  2. Cop has questions.

    What is a "Vision Casting Service" and can I get some scripture to back it up?

    Why was that woman SCREAMING as if she won the lottery when he mention Charlotte?

    I'm always baffled at how a pastor can try and run two different churches in two different states (or in this case services) and still be in touch with the congregation and the surrounding community.

    To me it always seemed careless and cocky to take on such an ambition. This isn't a McDonald's franchise it's the church of the living God.
    Stay married to your one church.

    1. Betty Sue Woods:Sunday, 31 July, 2016

      Cop I wonder why he's turning in his Prophet card?

  3. WOW! Ms.Ann this is awesome news for the Charlotte, NC area! Prophet Carn will start holding Sunday night services every Sunday starting in Sept thru the end of the year. Praise Be Unto God!

  4. Annie Lou Smith:Sunday, 31 July, 2016

    Thank You Lord for moving in this area!! It has already been prophesied that there will be a big move of God starting in Charlotte and moving out from there!! These are anointed men of God!! Good at teaching as well as preaching the Word!!

  5. I'm so excited about these mighty men of God.That 3 fold ministry is about to be something so powerful i feel it in my bones.

  6. What you feel in your bones is called Arthritis...this here is just plain foolishness. The young pimps has seen the older Pimps pimping the masses and now want their share. Keep call the dudes men of God all you want. All the while satan is sitting back Laughing and saying...tricking these clowns wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. All I got to do is put some smooth talking person in front of them and they will stop reading their bible and not only listen to me but will follow me and give me all their money. And I will tell them to not touch (MY) anointed to protect them. LOL...Y'ALL PEOPLE BETTER WAKE UP!!!...Its later than you think


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