Singer And Actor Bobby Brown Recently Talked About Having Sex With A Ghost In A Recent Interview With Robin Roberts.

Reader singer and actor Bobby Brown recently talked about having sex with a ghost in a recent interview with Robin Roberts. What he may or may not know is that it wasn't a ghost: that was a demonic spirit. And through the sexual act a covenant was made - one that would allow that evil spirit to enter his life at will and bring much hurt, pain, devastation, loss and destruction.

Read the article 'Spirit Wife: When Men Have Sex With Demons' and educate yourself on this sinister demonic activity. ~ Max Major


  1. People just don't know. Can't sleep with just anyone. Beside the possibility of contracting STD, you can have this demonic spirit into your life and don't even know it. Ladies n Gents if you ever wonder and questions why your life seems to have prob n chaos maybe you should step back and analyze whom you been laying with. Real this article, this shit is real...

    1. Natasshia Roxanne HallSaturday, 11 June, 2016

      Wow these type of discussions are hidden in many churches. It goes to show how strong these spirits are. I can agree with this article though. I used to hear them myself. But Jesus is a deliverer. The devil's words are spirit and death, but Jesus' words ARE spirit and they are life!

  2. This is not a joke for those that love to engage in recreational sex. The worse thing I've ever done is lost my innocence. The flesh is the real enemy, that's why God hates it so much.

  3. This IS no joke as I have experienced it myself. When something you can't see can hold you down and enter your body sexually is beyond belief. Though I had my days of destruction I allowed once I changed and wanted to change REBUKING IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST they HAVE to flee!!!

  4. Betty Sue Woods:Saturday, 11 June, 2016

    Bobby Brown is crazy as hell. People are very ignorant to the spiritual world and because people don't fully understand there bible and in a church where they don't get deep in spiritually or just dont believe in it because either they dealing with ungodly spirits there self and don't know it because living in sin will blind to the real truth. A lot of people fear of the deep spiritual church but they don't realize that's what a real church be like when they line up to the word of God. Incubus and succubus are real demonic spirits. These are evil spirits that lay on top of an individual during sleep,especially having sexual intercourse with an individual while they are sleep. Incubus attacks females' succubus attacks males they are nitemare spirits. Old folks call it the Hank's or say the witch be riding you that's what be going on.these spirits operate though witchcraft spells,lustful dreams,perversion. The spirit world no joke that's why house cleaning is very important than natural cleaning a house you don't know what type of demonic doors been open before you move there. study the spiritual world know Jesus.

  5. This is called a Succubus(female) or an Incubus(male), they are fallen angels. This is what they did when they descended in Genesis 6. They love having sex with humans and they will MARRY you; meaning that they can fall in love with you, and they will keep ANYONE who they feel is a threat, away from you.

    1. Not based on scripture! Names are not mentioned in Bible!

  6. Demons are fallen angels, and angels do not have the physical anatomy to have sex with human. My guess is probably Whitney Houston...

  7. Let me ask a question.


    Bobby having sex with a ghost.


    Bobby having sex with an ACTUAL WOMAN.
    But he was so high and/or drunk he thought it was a ghost?


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