Pastors Need To Stop Painting This One Sided Picture Of God, God Is More Than Love, Aman!

Reader, it's dangerous for us to emphasize God's attribute of love above His other attributes. "Here John MacArthur defines the love of God Biblically, that He has "general love" for the world and "filial love" for the Church.  Pastor John MacArthur is frustrated. He is frustrated at preachers who simply say "God is love," all the time without explaining the other, important attributes of the Father. "You never hear these preachers say "God is just," MacArthur explains in the video below.

"God is absolutely righteous. God cannot tolerate sin. God will not allow sin to go unpunished. God is a God of wrath. God is a God of fury. You don't hear people say that!" MacArthur believes that too many preachers are happy to "turn God into some sentimental lover." "That is completely out of balance!" urges MacArthur.

"He is righteous. He is a judge. He is an executioner of those who violate his law and do not turn to him in repentance and faith. For those of us who know we are the elect, the question then becomes: "Why did God set me apart for the latter?" The only Biblical answer is: "Because it pleased Him to do so." The truth is that God doesn't choose people because of who they are or what they've done or even because of what He can make them to be; we are all in the same boat and none of us are truly worth His time.


  1. finally some refreshment from God's Word... many preachers and church leaders preaches a one-sided message... We allow the media to determine what we should believe instead of what God's Word says. That same loving God won't allow unrepentant sin go unpunished.

    1. Natasshia Roxanne HallWednesday, 15 June, 2016

      Anonymous I'm in agreement with you. God's Nature is multi-faceted, where each of His Attributes flows in parallel with the other, and each is equal in all its perfections. Thus, God's Judgment is just as perfect and eternal and just as powerful as His Love. But, false teachers in the Christian Church are not telling their people this reality; therefore, millions are being deceived, at the very moment the world is sliding into the Kingdom of Antichrist. I hate to see people pushing this one side of God is love without mentioning that God is also is a God of wrath.


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