Congratulations To Pastors RC and Samuel Blakes On Their New Position As Bishops!

Reader last night history was made in New Orleans, as two brothers were elevated into the office of Bishop by Bishop Paul S. Morton.  Pastor and Spiritual Father to some RC Blakes along with his brother Samuel R. Blakes have continued the legacy of their late father.

Photos courtesy of Facebook:


  1. DVD; Truth Behind Hip Hop Part 7 (Mother of all gods)

    1. Why you always on here posting about G. Craige Lewis? Do you work for him are something? Don't nobody want to know what that hater gotta say about anything. I'm quite sure if the readers here wanted to know what Lewis had to said about a subject then they would look him up. I wish Ms. Ann stop you from posting links to that hateful man.

    2. It's all good. Drive By. Just truth.

  2. Does anyone knows if there is a connection between this branch and the Catholic Church because of the dress?

    1. I tell you what, they are show nuff rockin' the dress code and the lingo. It's ridiculous. Like G Craige said in the DVD, you didn't see this mess going on in the protestant church years ago. Now this mess has crept in. And everybody in the congregation so ignorant just suckin' it in like it's nothing. smh.


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