Bishop-elect Dr. Juanita Bynum Says She Is Not Dropping Charges In Identity Theft Case!

Reader, last night soon to be bishop Dr. Juanita Bynum did a Facebook live sending a strong message warning those on social media who have stolen her identity, she ain't takin it no more.     I don't know why folks think they can get away doing dumb stuff and believing the lie of the enemy that they want get caught. This is a shame before God that we have folks lacking integrity and character stealing others folks identity. Congratulation goes out to Dr. Juanita Bynum for being able to clear her name on Facebook, Periscope, and other social media outlets. Praying for all those who fail prey to the scheme in social media betraying Dr. Bynum scamming many out of their hard earn money.

CASE # - CT1C496 Colorado, Dr. Juanita Bynum says - "She is not dropping charges FOR IDENTITY THEFT and I don't blame her!   


  1. Sorry she got her identity stolen, but uh... why would anybody want this women's identity? lol.... Sorry ya'll.

  2. Suits her right all the money she's bamboozled out of people.

    1. Come on now y'all would take some kind of action to if someone has donated over a $100,000 dollars to your ministry but instead of it going to your ministry it went to a fake ministry you would take some kind of action to.

    2. Juanita ministry is a fake ministry.


  3. So the PRETEND DOCTOR is mad at people PRETENDING to be her.

    And like Timezone wrote.
    Why would ANYONE want Juanita's identity?

  4. To get some of that money she bamboozled out of gullible people.

  5. To get some of that money she bamboozled out of gullible people.

  6. These people in Facebook land are a special kind of crazy! I experienced a taste of it a few days ago. I love this video she made. It's blue dot day and you've been caught. Being Patient Pays off!

  7. Well Dana Ladd is claiming she's Juanita Bynum Business Manager and a baby sitter at Juanita Bynum Enterprise.


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