Say What Oprah Winfrey Called Bishop TD Jakes To Promise OWN’s Naughty New Church Drama Isn’t About Him!

Reader, here we go again -- where it's gonna stop, nobody knows! From Scandal to Being Mary Jane to Empire to Born Again Virgin and now to Greenleaf!!! What could possibly come next???  From my lips to your ears, 'I, Oprah Winfrey, am not going to do anything that disrespects the church," Winfrey says she told Bishop Jakes. "I am sitting where I am today because of the black church."

According to the online rumors, Oprah Winfrey called Bishop T.D. Jakes to assure him that the villainous megachurch leader in her upcoming OWN drama series “Greenleaf” was in no way modeled after the Dallas-based preacher.

Do you think Oprah is disrespecting the church?


  1. Hi! Gotta say this before heading to praise team rehearsal. First of all, ALL of these people are of the demonic "New Age" doctrine. Jakes cool with Deepak Chopra, Jakes saying the homosexual community can co-exist with the church. Look at Oprah. She believes in EVERYTHING. She says Jesus ain't the only way to heaven. So this about Oprah disrespecting the church is a joke to me. ALL these folks need to do like Craig Mack, former world-renowned hip hop artist, and get "TRULY" saved.

  2. Makes me think now this may be about TO. And of course another one of Satan's hype to get people to watch. #JuanitaHater...

  3. Makes me think now this may be about TO. And of course another one of Satan's hype to get people to watch. #JuanitaHater...

  4. Those church leaders who do all manner if perverse sexual things or steal money or make up prophecies without having heard from God or mistreat the sheep they are responsible for, those are the ones who are disrespecting the church.

  5. This is about Bishop JO Patterson. His illegitimate son is one of the writers or producers....

  6. Nope, I don't think Oprah is disrespecting the Church because these "mega churches" are businesses and non-profit organizations ran by CEO's; not biblical churches. Check your church bylaws and IRS status if you don't believe me. Oprah is always slick with her words, so I think she doesn't plan to disrespect the real body of Christ, but she is about to put the modern institutional church on blast.

    But honestly, Oprah is anti-Christ so she need to stop frontin'. But why is a self-proclaimed Christians even taking the time to craft a drama about the dealings of the institutional church? Shouldn't she be busy with kingdom business?

  7. Oprah doesn't owe Jakes or any of these other pulpit pimps anything... they're lifestyles will be exposed eventually...

    1. They lifestyles are already exposed. NEXT...


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