Lord Have Mercy, Is Another Mega Church Pastor About To Be Arrested?

Reader word on the street is that Owen McManus Jr., and his wife, Tammy, who lead the 4,000-member City Church of New Orleans and its affiliated grammar school in Louisiana, are likely to be arrested for tax fraud. According to documents obtained from the New Orleans Police Department police report dated May 20, police say an arrest warrant will likely be issued charging the leaders with filing false public records seeking Louisiana film tax credits.  It also says a warrant will likely be issued for the arrest of Bishop McManus Academy’s principal, ToniLynn Tyson, and the school’s executive pastor, Keith Barnes, for theft by fraud of federal education grants.

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  1. I read the news article and watched the videos. The story was a three-part series on City Church and their practices. It is beyond me why a church would put out a movie featuring scantily-clad women to preach a powerful message of transformation. If these allegations are true, they are guilty of fraud. I see so many problems in viewing the investigation, the biggest one of all is young men taken advantage of. When you subject the main actor of your movies to the life he was redeemed from, there are problems. From the stories former members told the reporters, it is your garden variety cult. Rigid information control, the pastor stating on record that the way you serve God is determined how you serve him, and other problems. There is so much I would like to comment on, I dont't have time to explore every detail. People, especially those in desperate straits, should pray about joining any church including City Church in NOLA.


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