Lord Have Mercy Eddie Meeks III Comes For Pastor John Hannah!

Reader, I am one of the many thousand of scopers who follow Pastor John Hannah Periscope and love his teaching. Pastor John F. Hannah and New Life Covenant Church Southeast organized a beautiful event in efforts to bring healing to their city but for reasons unknown they have come under some serious backlash from some in the community.

 This past Saturday, May 21 mark the 6th year for Pastor John F. Hannah’s Prayer on the 9. In the past, the event has included members of New Life Covenant Church taking over a short stretch of the busy commercial district of 79th from Greenwood Street going South to the Dan Ryan Expressway. Pastor Hannah shut down several city blocks and encouraged attendees to lie down on the street during annual "On the 9" prayer event.

What makes this year’s demonstration of faith and healing different from previous years will be the group’s bold reveal of the number of lives taken by gun violence in Chicago. Pastor Hannah is one of the most recognizable faith leaders in the Chicago region, as the Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church which has 20,000 members throughout the country—he has become a national leading figure in faith. He can also be heard every morning on iheart radio’s Inspiration 1390 AM, the number one Gospel program in the market.
Eddie Meeks lll:


  1. The issue that pisses me off about Chicago is the people will never unify because of PRIDE and fools like this man. Stop choosing small sh*t to criticize someone about and start helping end this massacre. When was the last time this person sacrificed for the sake of others? Don't judge someone if you aren't doing anything, but writing Facebook post's. Pastor John F. Hannah I salute your efforts, if no one else does brother.

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  2. The higher you go the bigger the target on your back. The people who love you today might hate you tomorrow. Pastor Hannah is wise enough to understand this principle as any Pastor worth his mettle should be. They same ones who wave palms and sing your praise are the ones who yell crucify him the next day. Comes with the territory. In Chicago we will always find a way to criticize. So what? Ummm Rahm still in office tho? Right? People in power don't pay this stuff no mind. I'm just saying.

  3. Wow...just informed of this...NO COMMENT...my work in the community EVERYDAY speaks for me...don't need cameras and a PR firm to do it.

  4. Jealousy will always rear it's ugly head, it's enough lost souls out here for everyone that calls himself or herself a shepherd for God to go after, no need to attack another person who is doing what God has called him to do, just do what God called you to do. No recognition is needed. Only what you do for God will stand.


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