Jesus Take The Wheel: Oxygen Network Just GREEN LIT A New Show . . . Called TRANS-ATLANTA!

Reader OMG, Oxygen Network Just GREENLIT a new show . . . called TRANS-ATLANTA . . . It’s About 5 African American transgender SOCIALITES in Atlanta!!! I'm sure the new show will get people to talking   with the world’s gaze resting on North Carolina bathroom law that's set to go into effect soon. The controversial new law dictating, ostensibly, where transgender people can use the bathroom. The reaction has been immediate and powerful: activists and large companies like Apple and Bank of America have pushed lawmakers to consider at least minor changes to the law.

 The show is about 5 transgenders living in Atlanta, trying to navigate the SOCIAL SCENE in Atlanta.  The 5 trans-ladies attend high-class galas, political functions, and charity events. And all of the women are looking to land a rich man to help them sustain their lifestyle. Get out of here!


  1. I'm almost ashamed to be living on the outside of this area.

  2. Oooh chile...

  3. Ewww....sigh. The spirit of deception poured out upon this world makes me so sad. These men were once little boys. As a Black woman, and Christian my spirit is grieved by what is happening to our young men and women. Even though they are trying to glory in their shame, the demons they wrestle with and try to silence must torment them day and night. Even with a sirred conscience, the physical pain and aftermath of gay sex is inescapable.

    My sadness turns to anger, because Black people are once again being used as a tool for the enemy. It seems like most of the sinful and anti-Christ movements in the past 30 years have Black faces as their spokesperson, and our communities and our people are under attack with little defense from our broken down institutional churches that are filled with pride, greed, and vain traditions.

    Have you seen our young men today post Lil' Wayne era (which introduced high queerness)? Then they go to church see the effeminate archetypal church man for examples of manhood. We're in trouble.

    This is not funny. This is spiritual warfare, and our people are being used in the ultimate battle against humanity...the perversion and rebellion of God's good creation.

    1. You need to start your own are right...a black faces always manage to be present as representing most ills of society.

    2. Re Anonymous -

      I've been thinking of starting a blog. Thanks for the encouragement! :)


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