James Fortune Addresses Domestic Abuse, Talk Healing Process!

Reader Gospel recording artist James Fortune took to Periscope in an effort to shed some light on domestic abuse. Here are some excerpt from James Fortune Periscope:

 “Domestic Violence is more about power and control, it's not just about physical violence. I struggle with control and that’s what I was dealing with. When you can’t control someone then you feel as though you are losing control. Jesus said be angry but don’t sin. We don’t talk about this in the church.” 

As he wrapped up his scope he said, “There are four things we need to initially look at to begin the healing process. You can’t change what you are not willing to confront. So take responsibility for whatever your problem is.” Here are the first four things Fortune said needs to be addressed when you are dealing with anger and domestic abuse.
 1) Stop blaming other people. You can’t say, someone did this to me, so I did this to them. You will never get free if you don’t. You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions”
2) Stop denying the situation. Denial always involves lying. Admit you have a problem instead of saying you don’t have a problem.
3) Stop minimizing your issues and trying to make it less than what it really is
4) Stop trying to justify your actions when you know you are trying to control someone.
What's your thoughts?


  1. Ain't he suppose to be in Jail?

  2. I said that in a hi-pitched voice... lol

  3. Seems like he's still trying to control the public's perception of him. I think it would be best for him to just be quiet and sit in silence for a while. The type of rehabilitation that he needs is slow steady process that he should remain focused on.

  4. Maybe I am just tired of all the pastors getting caught in scandals lately
    WHY is he talking?

    Can he go a month WITHOUT making a video FOR US, as if he needs to educate regular men WHO DON'T Beat their wives or burn their kids.

    My advice:

    Stay off of social media,


    Heal your relationship with your wife & kids (if you can)

    And pay for your steps sons surgery.

    1. All I will add is stay off of Periscope and get yourself together. To all gospel artists and pastors: Return to your first love and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  5. I get it...all in the media now...the push against domestic violence against women (mostly black - atheletes, enrertainers, and now God's gospel artist)...what about domestic violence against men?

  6. I will never knowingly or willingly purchase anything he's tied to.

    1. Now why not Anonymous? You are not bitter, are you? This is what keeping it real is all about...

    2. How is exercising one's choice not to knowingly financingly support and not willingly line the pockets of someone who has been found legally responsible for victimizing a child and a woman bitterness? Its called exercising my freedom by choosing where and how I spend my money.

  7. AMAN, A- MANNED, AND A- MANNED again, great gospel singer and messenger Mr. James Fortune…this is the message the world should hear – “dude if you hit a woman or abuse her children, you are WRONG and SINFUL…women, if you find yourself in this situation, EMPOWER YOURSELF to resolve this ASAP”.

    Never mind the MESSAGE of the call of God in a book not relevant to our times. Never mind the call for men and women to abstain from sex before marriage, striving for purity in such way. That men and women should marry and procreate, the man loves his wife as Christ loves the church, the women honors her husband, they both nurture their children, and children obey.

    No one needs to hear about these things at a time when it’s common , men abusing women and her child. Any abusive man should serve jail time and be punished. THAT”S THE MESSAGE. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. THESE TRUTHS SHOULD BE SHOUTED FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP (TV, RADIO, INTERNET, BOOKS and by our most prominent role models and stars). Way to go “Gospel Poster Boy”.


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