Is Human Life More Important Than Animal Life??

Reader, God regards man differently from the animals kingdom never forget it, human beings are made in the image of God and are above the animals and are to be valued in such a way. We are to care for and about all life, and it’s a sad thing to take down a beautiful animal, but human life will always hold a higher distinction. These parents are able to hold their son in their arms today because of the quick action of zoo officials.

I ignored this story until I kept seeing reports of people upset the gorilla was killed. I have a few things to say about it now. First, that child was being dragged like a rag doll through that water.  Second, the people of the Internet are some dang fools, responding in anger–blaming a child's mother for negligence, while at the same time digging up the  criminal history of the father who wasn't even at the zoo when his child fell into the gorilla pit. Third, hate to break it to you but I'm pretty sure zoologists know more about animal behavior than we do & that's why they put him down. According to the experts, the zoo did the right thing.  Lastly, we live in a sad, sad world when this gets national headlines over other important stuff. We (humans) have gotten our priorities all screwed up. We mad at the zoo for choosing to kill a 400-pound gorilla instead of tranquilizing it, in disgust, some are picketing the zoo to make a statement.

This is a very well worded article, that I so agree with.   5 Things You Need to Know About the Gorilla Shooting at the Cincinnati Zoo


  1. You'll always have the crazies coming out. I saw one posting of folks saying shoot the parents... smh. I have no words. Yep, the parents should've been on point with their son and keeping a look out for him 24/7, however, just like David in the Bible took out that Lion and Bear, the zoo did the right thing to this Gorilla. And uh, one thing. I appreciate the love that some mothers are saying they would've jumped in. Uh.. you would've jumped in and died. Sorry. You know why? I Googled the following: On the animal channel, it stated that a large male silverback gorilla has the strength to bench press over 4600 pounds. So I wish you the best physically going down there trying to get your little one.

  2. Hi, I've read your column for over a year. Finally had to respond because of some clown on another article. I saw a picture of the mom and I think she got so so much flack is because she's black. I think that is why people are mad, subconsciously. Sorry had to say it.

    1. tooprotected thanks for commenting, I also believe that at the core of the attack against the toddler and his parents is racism.

    2. @tooprotected...

      Listen here tooprotected…You done took your name too far. Like I told you, you don’t need to protect Ann from me. Ann is very capable of handling me or anyone else on this blog. I think of all the comments I made over the years, she’s only remove one where I talked down to Farakkahn.

      Now back to you…I could tell right off the bat you were single, and you can front behind the name “tooprotected” all you want. You try to tell Ms Ann about me on another post and now you come here to cast shade, talking about you have to respond now because of some comment by me. With that type stuff, aint no good strong Christian man is going to want to take you down the aisle. Ann, you got a husband. Please tell this woman!!! Cause see, she’s not going to hear it from me. I know she’s one who probably aspire to the adage “a good man is hard to find”. She better drop that attitude and mindset to note the Bible points to the idea “a good woman is hard to find”. The Bible asks the question "who can find a good wife?" because good wives are RARE commodities.

      Men should seek, but his pickings are going to be very slim when finding a virtuous woman.

      Just kidding about you Ann giving this woman advice.


  3. Obviously, the mother should've kept a closer eye on her child overall. While bringing a toddler to an amusement park with strangers and wildlife, parents should be super cautious. But at the same time, humans are God's most loved creation, not animals. And if we kill animals for leather to wear, we should be able to kill them for life to live.


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