Church Announcement: The Untold Story Of Bishop Eddie L. Long!

Reader, I knew a book was coming soon.   After all, that  Bishop Long went through I knew he would have a testimony. He was counted out, ostracized, humiliated but God kept him and he's still standing by the grace of God. Amen!

Anyhow, according to social media,  on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 Bishop Eddie L. Long has scheduled a pre-release event for his new book; The Untold Story - The Story of Adversity, Pain, and Resilience. The church will be selling limited copies exclusively at New Birth in Lithonia after both services.


  1. Well, at least he took off that Jheri Curl toupee, maybe there's hope after all. But then he got that grin, and his makeup looks better than mine....*sigh* I think the book should be released as:

    "Eddie Long - The Untold Story of PERVERSITY and Pain"

  2. I guess we will see a Jerry Sandusky auto biography next?

    1. Other books expected for release.

      Paula White: How to keep a marriage and kidnap a church

      Creflo Dollar: Jet Man & Reverse Robin Hood,

      Jamal Bryant: These hoes ain't loyal

      Joel Osteen: Bible study

      Juanita Bynum: Train wreck

      Brian Carn: Back to the future

  3. It is stories like this one that makes me believe in conspiracies. This minister of the LORD preached every Sunday for years before a congregation of thousands. He quoted morality from Scriptures the against sin of homosexuality. He even marched in protest against this sin, and confronted some social homo activist groups about their lifestyle.

    Later this same anti-homo preacher is accused of molesting young boys within his congregation he mentored. His victims told their experience and labeled the preacher as a master manipulator. The victims settled their claim out of court for millions of dollars in cash.

    The preacher’s wife is torn with pain, decides to leave the marriage, but through some miraculous conviction, decides to stay with her husband. The shame she suffered, not only her, but their children as well.

    Today this minister of the LORD still has a congregation. He minister to thousands regularly through his church and his television ministry. He is reaping 1000 fold because of the prosperity gospel he preaches. His wife is there. The children survived all the madness. And now, he’s written a Book to tell, well, not all, but what he wants to tell with the intent to inspire.

    I wonder, did the preacher’s God restore Him after all he went through? Or is this man an agent, aligned with some in high places, who would first seek to take him down, but complied, thus giving himself a chance to minister again? Which God does this man serve? And the entire scandal, being made SO PUBLIC like none other, what a PSY OPS on the masses, huh?

    I don’t know ya’ll. Some of this stuff seem weird to me

  4. The untold story?!?!

    I bet he won't mention why he went on long OVERSEAS trips with young men.

    Or how much money he gave for the young men to keep quiet.

    Or how he let Mr. Taylor rip off his own church folks.

    Or how many wigs he owns.

    I am sure the book will be filled with stories of HIS STRUGGLE through tough times. 🙄

  5. Well well.. what else is new? Not surprised at all.

  6. What that make u? Read ur bible. Forgive and don't always believe what u hear or see.
    Judgemental ah! That why my God is awesume he's a forgiven God , no matter what u done.i don't wanna be u.


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