Church Announcement: Confronting Racist Evangelical History!

Reader, this is a great conversation with Dr. Otis Moss III Senior Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ and Dr. Matthew Hall VP of Academic Services at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They are confronting the racist evangelical history in America.  Some evil underpinnings of the sin of racism are lying, greed and pride. This open dialogue is necessary.  As we continue the conversation on racism in the United States, we all must look within our own congregations and communities to find the answer.


  1. Everyone should remember that Jesus went around preaching that people discriminated against him because he was a Jew RIGHT? NO, YOU 'WILL NOT' FIND THAT IN SCRIPTURE...because He gave His life for all of matter what race. The devil has the church SO caught up in these secondary issues that there is hardly any time to preach against what is REALLY going on in the church....SIN. I pray that the church will become like Jeremiah 'the weeping prophet' and begin to preach about the Righteousness Of God. In Christ Alone, RLR

    1. Re: Anonymous

      So what Bible are you reading? Probably the one with "White" Jesus on the cover. First of all, the Jews believed and still believe that they were superior to the Gentiles. They believed because they were God's chosen people and had certain privileges that they are better than the Gentiles. Jesus preached against this notion of birthright superiority when he said that God's plan was to bring salvation to the Jews and Gentiles, and that believers in Him are equal in God's sight.

      Today we have White Supremacy a system that defines superiority based on phenotype. In biblical times, superiority could be based on many things such as nationality, but this issue of race is a modern epidemic. And many of "White" so-called-believers believe that they are superior to people of color regardless if they are followers of Christ. To the point that there has been a looong open history of discrimination in our churches based solely on one's birthright of skin color. This is evil and sinful. To preach about it IS preaching against SIN.

      There are many things that Jesus did not specifically say but he addressed everything. He most certainly spoke against inequity, hatred, pride, and discord which all stems from sin. All of those things are factors of racism. To preach the righteousness of God is to preach reconciliation and not looking to the outward appearance of the man but to look at his heart. Racism and bias stop us from doing that and cause people to justify harm to others which is deception which is of the devil.

      So once again, I'm not sure what Bible you're reading. But my Bible indicates that Jesus is against ideals and systems that divide people who follow him. These are the last days and we as Christians from every corner of the world need to strengthen our communities, and we can't do that with White Supremacy and institutional racism plaguing us.

  2. Well, so sad that you are still caught up in the stupidity of continued The White Folk Syndrome. I am definitely glad that God has set me free from this mindset. I grew up in the Georgia South so I know what prejudice is. Maybe you need to let God open your eyes so that you can TRULY see His plan. Oh Btw, your White Jesus comment let's me know where your heart really is..TO BAD. But that's your opinion not mine! In Christ alone, RLR

  3. My heart is for truth; I live in reality and am not swayed by mindsets so no deliverance is needed there. But are you really set free or just in denial? After all, this website is called "The Old BLACK Church" for a reason ;) Perhaps because of institutional racism, Black people had to create their own churches. Ooops, I guess the imaginary "White Folk Syndrome" flared up again. LOL. Or could it be that the affliction of racism is so potent that there is a such thing as a Black church and a White church, instead of THE church in 2016. Or...the fact that the Israeli state noted that the Ethiopian Jews are the seed of Israel, yet every depiction of Jesus (which He said never to create) is of an Anglo male. Jesus was not White, but the White church really needs Him to be due to White Supremacy. Thats the truth of their lies. That is not paranoia of prejudice, that is called racism. There is a group of "White Jesus" believers and if you're one of them, that is sad.

    As for God's plan, it has already been revealed: the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles to God through Jesus Christ. So yeah, I got that. But I don't get your point. However, I do understand that in the last days the spirit of deception will be poured out onto the world, and denial is real evil. Yet, as the resistance to racism heats up, the churches around the world will need to address it.

    Honestly, I don't think most Black people really care about racism within the church as no one really chimed in on this post. Primarily because we have been oppressed by racism and are aware of its presence. And we most certainly have seen racist ideology in the Evangelical camp, so a conversation without their admittance of guilt would be useless. There's nothing for us to discuss. White people are the ones with the privilege to act like racism doesn't exist, and for the most part they do. But every now and again a few rogues bring up the issue....then there are people like yourself who chime is to shut them down.

  4. Alright, As a man/woman thinketh, so is the scripture says. So, go ahead and let your mind be stressed out about racism and I will allow God to continue showing me how to continue loving my white German wife of 34 years as well as my 3 beautiful (German American) children. Btw, NO, I do not/will not consider them to be African American. They were not born in Africa nor have they ever been to Africa and neither have I. With that being said, I am submitted to God with who HE says I am....not any White person or anyone else. In Christ Alone, RLR.


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