Church Announcement: Bishop Carlton Pearson Honored At Harvard University!

Reader May 12th, Bishop Carlton Pearson made history when he turned over more than 40 years of  his past life's work to the Harvard Divinity School Library that will be preserved and archived for perpetuity as part of his contribution to religious history in America.
Congratulations Bishop your contributions past, present, and future have and will continue to shape a generation to come.



  1. Carlton Pearson is a false preacher! He believes that hell does not exist and embraces the doctrine of Inclusion. Earthly rewards mean nothing to God when you are preaching against his word. No offense though but he preaches false doctrine. Let no man deceive you!

    1. Yes Dominique Carlton Pearson have embraced the doctrine of Inclusion, but this honor is for his work and contribution to religion before he went astray.


    2. I understand what you saying Ms. Ann, but with ALL due respect to you, this man is a 100% unbeliever. He believes Jesus will redeem satan in the end. When I backed this man up years ago on the piano when he visited a church in ATL, I knew something was off when he kept worshiping himself and flipping scriptures upside down and right side forward making you think what you're reading is totally different from what you believe. Dude is a psychologist in the pulpit and if one isn't rooted and grounded in the Word, it's guaranteed they'll get swayed. It's like this; Awards, Honors, Medals etc.... is plain dirt in the site of God's eyes when we are not truly on his side and stand for truth. This man refuses to stand for truth but goes in the opposite direction and does it with ARROGANCE! He's something else. It will truly take a miracle to turn this man's thoughts around.

    3. I am so proud of Dr., Bishop Pearson!!! I will always support him not only for what he has done for religion but for history.

    4. Yup. He's done a lot for religion, not for Christianity though. I'm not sure about what he's done for history though. Doubt he'll be mentioned in any public school books. So....stop exaggerating!!!

    5. I really believe that Carlton Pearson is one of the most significant African-American preachers of the 20th century. In my humble opinion he served as a “bridge” between traditional black preachers and the contemporary “neo-Pentecostal” movement of today. I think, Carlton Pearson movement is highly visible on Christian television today and in the megaconferences that Bishop Jake's and others sponsor. Carlton Pearson was the first black man to do this.

    6. Well...I really believe that timezone comment on Carlson Pearson is spot on. In my humble opinion, timezone's discernment and his personal experience qualifies him to access Pearson's doctrine and conduct. I think timezone's knowledge as expressed in his comments are biblically based. I believe the Lord has a great reward for people like timezone. Pearson may have served as a "bridge", but believers in truth like timezone, knows the widest gap ever was between man and God; that gap closed by the cross.

  2. These are his past writings & recordings. Pearson made a great impact and it's smart for Harvard to preserve his contributions!

  3. Loved the ministry of Bishop Carlton Pearson when he was ministry in Christ. The bible says, in the last day many shall fall away from the truth of the Gospel. It appears that He was instrumental in introducing many unknown preachers, singers at his Azusa meetings. After hearing them they became well known.

    However, I noticed some of them from those days have died naturally and or spiritually.

    Often wondered if those that spoke on that platform received a curse due to the fact there were several false teachers allowed to speak over God's people. A thought. Too bad Bishop lost his Pentecostal upbringing. He said, he hadn't forgotten them and that they were precious memories. I guess he decided not to keep holding on as he stated that an old missionary Mother Sherman often ask him. He said she encouraged him alot. I guess that's dead to.

    We miss so many of the saints who gave up and yet given up holding to God's Unchanging Hand. I guess they decided to be friends with the world and reject our Savior Jesus Christ for a small morsel of meat.

    The church use to sing come on don't you want to go, give up this world and come on don't you want to go? Yes, I want to go.

    I heard Carlton Pearson sing. Yes Lord Yes I will trust you and obey when your spirit speaks to me I'll say, lord Yes. I guess he decided to sing the opposite. All those souls he won and was winning he allow Satan to trick/seduce him out his ministry. Sad & Scary at the same time.

  4. If you all are Christians, in all your getting, get understanding. For understanding to occur, you have to LISTEN! If you listen to his interviews you never hear him denounced or deny Jesus Christ for who He is or as his saviour. Don't be so quick to cast fire from your evil tongues. Instead what you don't understand does not mean Christian love can't. Demonstrate this and stop the name calling of the man of God. It's so unintelligent and not Christ-like In His Service.


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