Church Announcement: Archbishop Designate E. Bernard Jordan Elevated to Archbishop in Upcoming July Ceremony!

Reader in celebrating over 40 years of prophetic ministry, invitations are being penned to recognize Archbishop Designate E. Bernard Jordan. After years as a stalwart visionary, presiding Bishop Roy E. Brown is elevating him to Archbishop, on July 8, 2016. Moving from Bishop to Archbishop, the festivities follow him July 9-11, beginning the 9th at the Pilgrim Assemblies International church (Brooklyn, NY). Running in tandem is the renowned Prophecology Summer 2016 event with pastors worldwide—such as special guests Akwasi Agyemeng Prempeh, Daniel Amoateng—convening. July 11, 2016, is the Prophet Ascension Banquet "where spirit meets matter" bringing together numerous faith leaders. Early registrants are anticipating an auspicious event, set to uplift many.

Archbishop-Designate E. Bernard Jordan Elevated to Archbishop in Upcoming July Ceremony


  1. LOL! SMH... Do ya'll see those registration fees?! Pitiful...Oh, what's that word I see up there? Prophecology? Are you serious?

  2. The only man that "ascended" was Jesus Christ!!!!! Lol folks being all extra!!! Smh.

  3. So for these prices of admission, what exactly does one get? Seems like a money grab to me.

  4. When you DON'T want to be bothered with understanding the Bible, you just make up stuff.

    Master Prophet?!?!
    Prophetic ascension?!?!

    And with what they're charging to attend, I am sure they'll be ASCENDING to a car dealership, or some up scale shopping soon after.

  5. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out what is Prophecology. My Google couldn't find it and my spell check ain't feelin' it, and neither am I. Isn't -ology the study of something? Is he studying how to prophe-lie? And what is up with the "where spirit meets matter" aren't we already comprised of spirit, body, and mind? So what "spirit" is going to meet his fleshly matter to the point that he's ascending somewhere....where's he going???

    Okay, I quit...I'm trying to make sense out of something senseless, and this dude is creepy.

  6. What got me was the venue they were using. LaGuardia Airport Marriott???? Really..... that's the best you can do?

    It be funny if heaven dropped a flyer out the sky the day after this "ascent" that said "Celebrating the Descent of A Dude Who Was Never Told To Ascend"

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah! This is really a hot mess!!! On top of that he charging folks rent to go see him lie through his teeth!!! Smh.

  7. Since Obama rejected his pastor all of you youngsters reject your fathers. Where were you when this man stood up for the truth when he wrote "His color was black :a race attack" ? Come on black folks... It is not over, they're still throwing bullets at us...Wake up people.


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