BREAKING NEWS: Lecrae Signs To Columbia Records, Home of Adele, Beyonce and Snoop Dogg!

Reader, the internet went into overdrive yesterday with the news that Christian Hip Hop Artist Lecrae had signed with a major record label, which did not set well with a lot of saints. But my question is for all the artists who are trying to make it:

 If you had the opportunity to sign with a record company who can help market you and your music, would you sign? Why or why not?

 I don't think Lecrae signing was a  bad idea however, I do understand that there is a dark side to the industry. I don't know the terms of his contract and neither do anyone else. Is he selling himself or promoting God with others on another platform? We don't know but I do know what the Scriptures say about being unequally yoke, and creating a partnership with wickedness. Is his signing showing that the love of money is a root of all evil? Will God disapprove of his music because of the label he is signed to? I Just wanted to know what y'all outlook for this is.  Here's another question, do Christians need to occupy various places including those outside of the church walls? Is that the only way we will be able to make an impact?

According to social media major label, Columbia Records is the home of such artists such as Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, J. Cole, and Adele, just to name a few. They announced yesterday the signing of Lecrae in a deal with him as an artist and his label Reach Records. A press release from Lecrae’s management announced the signing and went on to say, “Lecrae’s breakthrough album Anomaly, debuted at #1 on the coveted Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, receiving universal acclaim and making him a force in mainstream hip-hop. The Atlanta-based artist, community leader, activist, and entrepreneur has helped to revive the genre’s conscious sensibility with his message of inspiration. Thoughts?



  1. Finaically it's probably a good idea for him.

    But SPIRITUALLY, I don't think so.

    One of the reason People like Lacrae's music is because he doesn't hold his punches when rapping about Christian life.

    He mentions pastors having gay sex,
    How church folk don't wont him to wear a hat in church but let the woman sleeping around to sing a solo,
    And pastors taken money to feed their greed

    However, you can best believe that Columbia Records will be watering down his lyrics and censoring the words.
    And it wouldn't surprise me if he teamed up with a non-Christian artist to produce a some songs.
    Like our boy Kirk (Fence rider) Franklin.

    God bless him.

  2. Congrats to him! He's a Christian artist and not a minister, so I see no problem here. He has to earn a living - just as we all do. As long as he sticks to his morals and continues to make responsible music, even if it's watered down, I will support him.

  3. He will be ask to compromise. Trust me I know cause when I walked into this particular record company facility loooong ago, lol, and saw Vanilla Ice on the wall with the gold albums and stuff along with the group "Tag Team" who did Whooop there it is, I was all "star-struck." I'm outta that mess now focus on who Christ really is and how we're suppose to represent him. The world will not except us for what we truly believe. The Bible is not a compromising book, that's why they hate it. The Holy Bible is there #1 threat. Water the lyrics down in music and don't mention hell, go against homosexuality, sin.. etc.... and make your music all about your struggle and how you made it through and the occasional "happy stuff", hey Lecrae will be just fine. In this world..... I just hope him along with everyone else that's in this music business wakes up.

  4. I don't think most people know that all of the gospel labels are owned by secular companies so this is no big deal except in a positive way that he will have wider exposure. Congrats to Lecrea!

    1. Exactly...the most godly goal is for those on the broad and wider path, not for those in the narrow way...more exposure is what Jesus looked for to gain...

  5. Lacrae admits he's a secular rapper who just so happens to be a Christian (Oxymoron) He;s playing both sides of the fence that has baby Christians and secular people minds fooled.

    1. And who are those people surrounding him in the photo? Are these Zionist Jews who looks at LaCrae as goyim?

  6. It is dangerous ground. What people fail to realize is "we don't reach anyone" Jesus does it through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is in control of our reach. If I needed money to do good would it be okay to use money that was against Christ? Wake up! How can a record label that does not promote Jesus, support him. He will be compromised/. So many Christians already confused and do not recognize the signs of the time. We all need to pray and seek God's face!

  7. sadly it doesnt matter who he signs with because when he crossed over into the worldly music or mainstream: He left Jesus Christ. Jesus cant be part of you if you decided that financially you need the devils money and fame.


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