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Rest In Peace Janice Wendell Crouch!

Reader, today Jan Crouch exchanged this life for an eternity in heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with the Crouch and TBN family after the sad news of the passing of co-founder Jan Crouch. Regardless of what folks thought about Jan, she played a huge role in building a global network that celebrated the gospel message. In my opinion, a true role model and example to all that "God looks on the heart." I always thought she to be a sweet, humble servant of God who wore her makeup big eyelashes and pink hair.  A woman who in spite of church tradition of don't and can't built alongside her husband Paul, the greatest Christian network of our time. A true soldier of God. Rest well Janice Wendell Crouch.

Is Human Life More Important Than Animal Life??

Reader, God regards man differently from the animals kingdom never forget it, human beings are made in the image of God and are above the animals and are to be valued in such a way. We are to care for and about all life, and it’s a sad thing to take down a beautiful animal, but human life will always hold a higher distinction. These parents are able to hold their son in their arms today because of the quick action of zoo officials.

I ignored this story until I kept seeing reports of people upset the gorilla was killed. I have a few things to say about it now. First, that child was being dragged like a rag doll through that water.  Second, the people of the Internet are some dang fools, responding in anger–blaming a child's mother for negligence, while at the same time digging up the  criminal history of the father who wasn't even at the zoo when his child fell into the gorilla pit. Third, hate to break it to you but I'm pretty sure zoologists know more about animal behavio…

A Surreal Video Of Blacks Being Beaten at Lunch Counters With 'Narration' From Trump Speeches Goes Viral!!!

Reader I am convinced Racists Donald Trump had these very images in mind when he was making those remarks. What other reference could he have been thinking of?

Mother Jones, a liberal news publication, about 12 hours ago posted a truly disturbing yet incredibly important video, that has gone viral. As of this writing it has over 2 something million views. The video is a compilation of footage of 1960's North Carolina and Mississippi lunch counter sit ins by African-Americans fighting for civil rights – and being harassed and beaten for it – along with a segregation protest in Alabama, and the beating of Freedom Rider Jim Peck.

 The images are disturbing enough, but the filmmaker adds Donald Trump's voice as the "narration," and it becomes almost surreal, and definitely fascistic. The audio you've heard before. Trump speaking at his popular rallies, railing against his protests, telling guards to "get that guy out of here," and saying, "in the good…

Dr. Earl Carter Latest Video Might Have Caused COGIC To Distanced Itself From Its Own Publication??

Reader, somebody head should roll for this blunder. It seems that Dr. EarlCarter has one up on the leadership over at COGIC, and has caused some leaders in the organization to distanced themselves from their own publication by claiming that they did not know what was being printed and delivered to the youth through the International Youth Department. Come on somebody have dropped the ball here.

The Church Of God In Christ, otherwise known as "COGIC", the largest organized Pentecostal/Holiness church in the United States primarily led by Black ministers and leaders, was at least until recently, offering through the National Youth Department, comprehensive sex education in what was called the "Men Of Valor Training Manual." This is sloppy to say the least.

The COGIC youth department's teaching manual, in which young men were taught how to have sex rather than how to avoid sex and sexual activity, or even examine sexual consideration in light of scripture. In fact…

Fix It Jesus: Why The List Of Featured Preachers/presenters For The Progressive National Baptist Church Annual Session Has No Women?

Reader question, why in 2016, would any Black Church denomination host an entire annual session and not feature one Black woman?According to some this is a fail and the Progressive National Baptist Convention should be ashamed of itself.

Facebook:  "This culture of patriarchy in many black churches puts women and children in a compromised position. It relegates women to praying grandmothers, ushers, and secretaries—roles that are critical to maintaining the culture of the church, but considered marginal in its operation. This culture meanwhile confines children to roles of entertainment, good for Easter speeches and children’s chorale selections on youth Sundays, but worthy of neither respect nor, often times, civility. What’s more, the youth who consistently see women in positions of powerlessness and children in positions of vulnerability will likely either maintain these traditions of patriarchy or eventually leave the church all together upon entering adulthood." 
Do you…

Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz: America Is Entering 'Last Stage Into the Abyss of God's Judgement'???

Reader the religious right makes me sick to my stomach with their bullsh*t. How come GOD is only coming when we have a liberal POTUS?  But God isn't even standing up when the conservatives are in office? They start wars that cost 200,000 lives during the past POTUS W. But all is good. How did America get judged over slavery, massacring American Indians, lying to invade Iraq, Wall Street scandals, and rotten lying hypocritical politicians.

 Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz warned Christian leaders at a pastors’ conference on Thursday at the nation’s capital that America has already begun its “downward spiral” into the “last stage” of the bottomless “abyss of God’s judgment.”

Really Anne??

Lord Have Mercy, Is Another Mega Church Pastor About To Be Arrested?

Reader word on the street is that Owen McManus Jr., and his wife, Tammy, who lead the 4,000-member City Church of New Orleans and its affiliated grammar school in Louisiana, are likely to be arrested for tax fraud. According to documents obtained from the New Orleans Police Department police report dated May 20, police say an arrest warrant will likely be issued charging the leaders with filing false public records seeking Louisiana film tax credits.  It also says a warrant will likely be issued for the arrest of Bishop McManus Academy’s principal, ToniLynn Tyson, and the school’s executive pastor, Keith Barnes, for theft by fraud of federal education grants.

You can read the rest here:

Congratulation Angela Simmons: Today It's Normal For A Preacher Kid To Have A Baby Outside Of Marriage!

Reader Angela Simmons, ran a good race but she didn't make it to the finish line she was almost there because she is engaged. See this is why we all should be very careful about what it is we say.  Young women around the world looked up to Angela Simmons because she was a Christian who was vocal about her virginity until marriage. We all watched the tv series "RUN'S HOUSE" and we all heard about Angela Simmons preaching about staying a virgin until she's married.

Well, when you're in the public eye people are WATCHING and LISTENING!!! And they don't forget. I'm not one to judge simple because I have no room to judge, but when you make a vow to God, you may have forgotten but God didn't. The most dangerous thing a woman of celibacy can do is get into a relationship with a man who is not walking on that same path.  One of you guys are going to influence the other and unfortunately after all these years of being a virgin, "our good role model&qu…

Say What Oprah Winfrey Called Bishop TD Jakes To Promise OWN’s Naughty New Church Drama Isn’t About Him!

Reader, here we go again -- where it's gonna stop, nobody knows! From Scandal to Being Mary Jane to Empire to Born Again Virgin and now to Greenleaf!!! What could possibly come next???  From my lips to your ears, 'I, Oprah Winfrey, am not going to do anything that disrespects the church," Winfrey says she told Bishop Jakes. "I am sitting where I am today because of the black church."

According to the online rumors, Oprah Winfrey called Bishop T.D. Jakes to assure him that the villainous megachurch leader in her upcoming OWN drama series “Greenleaf” was in no way modeled after the Dallas-based preacher.

Do you think Oprah is disrespecting the church?

Sad News:Jan Crouch Hospitalized After Suffering "significant" stroke. Doctors Report Recovery Is Unlikely.

Reader, let's stand with the TBN family, as we lift Jan Crouch tonight who needs a miracle. TBN shares, that Jan has suffered a significant stroke and the diagnosis is not good. We believe in MIRACLES! Let's agree together, AMEN!

Update:Jan Crouch"s son (Paul Jr.) and his children are blocked from visiting Jan on her death bed. Latest from Paul Crouch Jr's daughter, Carra-

Fix It Jesus: New Translation Of The Bible Is Written In EMOJI For Millennials.

Reader the most translated book is now translated into... emoji. An adaptation of the King James Version Bible featuring emojis is scheduled to be made available on iTunes Sunday. The book is called Bible Emoji: scripture 4 millennials. Its book cover features several emojis, two of which have halos. The book's online description online says: 'A great and fun way to share the gospel. Explore all 66 books chronicling the stories of Abraham, Noah and Jesus like never before!

Maybe this will encourage our youth to read more Bible verses. What do yall think?

Pastor Jamal Bryant Put On Your Armor.

Reader, this is a doggone shame and pure ignorance.  This reminds me of how the other young man went in on Jesse Jackson In Ferguson St Louis. Pastor Jamal Bryant did not deserve that.  I don't find it respectable to speak to another human this way, regardless of the fact that he considers himself a man of God. This wasn't cool. I can appreciate the message but this is a prime example of when it's not what you say but definitely, how you say it.

According to some in the Baltimore community Pastor Jamal Bryant, has been a great help to the city and have provided many outreach and enrichment programs for the youth of the city. Furthermore, folks are saying the guy in the video is all wrong about Rawlings-Blake because they have seen for themselves Pastor  Bryant speak out against the way in which she referred to the rioters as thugs.

I hope Pastor Bryant doesn't let this get him down I'm a big fan of  his work and will always be.....but this is plum damn stupid. If y…

Lord Have Mercy Eddie Meeks III Comes For Pastor John Hannah!

Reader, I am one of the many thousand of scopers who follow Pastor John Hannah Periscope and love his teaching. Pastor John F. Hannah and New Life Covenant Church Southeast organized a beautiful event in efforts to bring healing to their citybut for reasons unknown they have come under some serious backlash from some in the community.

 This past Saturday, May 21 mark the 6th year for Pastor John F. Hannah’s Prayer on the 9. In the past, the event has included members of New Life Covenant Church taking over a short stretch of the busy commercial district of 79th from Greenwood Street going South to the Dan Ryan Expressway. Pastor Hannah shut down several city blocks and encouraged attendees to lie down on the street during annual "On the 9" prayer event.

What makes this year’s demonstration of faith and healing different from previous years will be the group’s bold reveal of the number of lives taken by gun violence in Chicago. Pastor Hannah is one of the most recognizable f…

Lord Have Mercy Black Pastors Rally Support For HB2, Saying LGBT Rights Are Not Civil Rights.

Reader the civil rights comparison here may have been a bit over the top but why would these pastors support a bill that hurts their people and community the most? In my opinion, some Black pastors are as big a detriment to the Black community as drugs and gangs cause they are nothing but poverty pimps sucking up dollars to support their lifestyle!! What are they doing in the community?Once again, Blind Faith proves to be blinding. Do these pastors realize the HB2 eliminates state causes of action for racial and other forms of discrimination or do they still think this law is about protection from "perverts"?

Yell, the LGBT community is using the same laws and strategic that were used for the civil rights movement for their cause. Is it wrong? Heck No, it's not wrong. When in a fight you use what has been proven to work, the civil rights law works. And by the way, the civil rights movement does not have a patent on the law.

And no the LGBT community struggles cannot be …

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Daughter Quits Priesthood After Marrying A Woman.

Reader Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu-Van Furth has revealed that her licence to preach is being revoked because she married a woman – so, she’s decided to quit instead.  The daughter of Nobel laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu of South Africa has given up her clergy credentials after marrying a Dutch woman.

 The Rev. Mpho Tutu told the local media that since her church did not recognize her wedding, she could no longer serve in the country. Mpho Tutu said the church had instructed a bishop to revoke her license, which granted her the authority to preside at Communion, officiate at weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Press Release Here:

Get Out Of Here John MacArthur: The Spanish-speaking World “Don’t Know Christ.”

Reader book author and Bible teacher, "John MacArthur has bad news for the Spanish-speaking world:

 You don't know Christ, you don't know the Gospel, and you don't know Scripture. 
 In a recent video, John MacArthur ends his announcement with a mind-numbing statement about why he is so supportive of a conference he’s not personally attending:

 “I want to say also that I support that conference 100 percent. I’m deeply committed to the tremendous importance of proclaiming the true Gospel in the Spanish-speaking world. We all understand that people in the Hispanic world know about Jesus Christ. They know about the Bible. They know about God. They know about salvation– at least, in some ways. They have biblical terminology because of the impact, historically, of the Roman Catholic church. But they don’t know Christ. And they don’t know the Gospel of grace. And they don’t know the full revelation of Scripture. So, this is a critical, God-ordained conference.”

In my opin…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Bishop Eddie Long Have Been Muffled and Gagged By The Court!

Reader posted below is a clip from Steve Harvey's interview with Bishop Eddie Long about his scandal. Steve Harvey sits down with Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of Georgia’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, for an exclusive interview to air Wednesday, May 25 on his daytime talk show. In 2010, Long ran into controversy after several lawsuits alleged that he used his influence to coerce a number of the church under aged boys into sexual relationships. All of the lawsuits were eventually settled out of court, and Long has denied all allegations through attorneys and spokespeople.

Steve Harvey:   "Did you ever have sex with any of your accusers?"   Eddie L. Long:
"I'm bound by court order. I can't answer. I can't make any statements about that.  

Enough Is Enough! Why Are Christians Making Excuses for Pastor Jamal Bryant?

Reader, according to some folks sweep around your own front door. Once again Demetria Lucas D'Oyley has hit the nail on its head with her latest article for Essence, in which she came for Pastor Jamal Bryant.  Should ministers be held to a higher standard? Does holding someone to their office mean we deny their humanness and imperfections? Are we more forgiving of men with indiscretions than we are with women?

I don’t understand the folks making excuses for Bryant here. I've read Christian folk drag women in the church for so much less. Erica Campbell and Yolonda Adam's catch hell about the fit of their dresses on their womanly curves. But yet a pastor can impregnate a woman that isn't his wife and there's a stampede of folks willing to defend him? If Pastor Bryant were a woman, can you imagine what the backlash would be? Picture it: a female minister who admitted to cheating on her husband, and then later as a single woman becomes pregnant? The exodus from her chu…

Church Announcement: Motown Gospel Presents ‘1 Mic 1 Take’ Live at Capitol Studios

Reader Motown Gospel presents 1 Mic 1 Take, recorded live at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, CA.  The ten-song acoustic gospel compilation includes five of Motown Gospel artists performing two songs—stripped of mass production to focus on the message and the voice. Many selections are already popular while others are receiving a well-deserved shot for wider exposure. The participants include GRAMMY®-winners Smokie Norful and Tasha Cobbs as well as award-winning artists Myron Butler & Levi, Brian Courtney Wilson and newcomer Royce Lovett.


History Making Hezekiah Walker Reunites With Love Fellowship For A Live Recording!

Reader, according to source during the 2016 Stellar Awards we saw the original member of Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, Lady Monique Walker-Moore grace the stage in the group when Bishop Hezekiah Walker introduced his new song “Better”.

When Love Fellowship was birthed Lady Monique was married to Bishop Hezekiah Walker and was featured on a number of his classic hits. Now…we know why! Love Fellowship Crusade Choir are calling all members, former and current to come together for a reunion concert and recording!

Remember, Bishop Hez, Donald Lawrence and Ricky Dillard did a special tribute to the late Olanda Draper, taking us back to the phenomenal days of big choirs. I wonder if this got the ball rolling because we also hear that Donald Lawrence is pulling Tri-City back together. I love it…..choirs are back!!!!!!

Source: Praise 106.1

Church Announcement: “His Grace” Neil Ellis Will Soon Consecrate Bishop Designate Juanita Bynum!

Reader, touch your neighbor and tell 'em it's about to go down at this year's Gathering with His Grace, Bishop Neil C. Ellis, and the Global Pastors in the State of Maryland. They are laying out the Red Carpet, in anticipation of a full house in attendance at 'The Gathering 2016". My girl Bishop Designate Juanita Bynum is set to move into the office of bishop.

GUF is a Christian Fellowship that embraces Churches, Ministries, Fellowships, and Pastors who acknowledge, accept and submit to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. GUF professes they will not allow any name denomination, doctrine, tradition, socio-economic or Cultural composition, to separate or prevent them from experiencing the authentic fellowship of the Saints of the Living God.

Their mission is to foster biblical Unity among Christian Believers as one Body in Christ. Their focus is on empowering and the perfecting of the saints through biblical training, mentoring, disciplining, personal and ministry deve…

According To Bishop Designate Juanita Bynum The Four Wall Church Is Ineffective!

Reader Bishop Designate Juanita Bynum have opened up a can of worms on Facebook with a sermon clip she uploaded from a 2007 speaking engagement. In the clip, Bishop Bynum talks about transformation and winning souls to the kingdom and not to the church. She talks about the current state of the church as it relates to today church.  She mentions how we're in a circle and a cycle of "having church". How long are we going to keep carrying on like this?!? It's time for a shift and it's time to GO! This was preached almost 10 years ago.

Why Are Christians Throwing Shade At Pastor John Gray?

Reader there's some kind of push back today against a concert that was hosted last night by Pastor John Gray at Lakewood Church. Pastor Gray had to take to Periscope to put his haters in check.

 To date, in Harris County alone, there are 6,851 damaged single family homes and 5,262 apartment units, for a total of 12,113 homes and thousands of people who have been affected by the flood. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in this time of need.

 The City is using the Greater Houston Storm Relief Fund to help provide a safe and comfortable environment to victims of the storm. This is just one of the ways in which the fund is being used. The need is ongoing and will take millions of dollars to help aide those affected.

Country music star, Clay Walker, has reached out and offered to donate his time to perform at the Houston Recovers with Clay Walker & Friends – Live from Lakewood Church benefit concert on May 20, 2016. Senior Pastor Joel Osteenhas offered to provid…

DAYS OF LOT: Huffington Post Writer Insists Jesus Was The First Transgender Man.

Reader, here we go again, somebody else is now insisting God created transgenders in Genesis, which has caused a lot of friction on social media.  This, time it’s a Huffington Post writer, that's  insisting that thousands of biblical scholars and theologians have missed the fact that Jesus was the first "transgender man".

Reader the CROSS is foolishness to those who are perishing.Wicked people are always twisting God's words to suit their agendas. This woman put herself in a position to teach and those who teach will be judged more harshly. I think she even blasphemed the Holy Spirit in her article too she better be careful. But also keep in mind our war is not with flesh and blood man it is with the principalities and rulers of the dark world.

Celebrating 40 years of ministry - Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship!

Reader last night Dr. Tony and Lois Evans celebrated 40 years of God's faithfulness to the life and spiritual impact of His church.  We serve a great and mighty God.

Congratulations Dr. Evans for preaching the Word of God and being the Man of God you are for 40 years.

Pics Here:

Church Announcement: Archbishop Designate E. Bernard Jordan Elevated to Archbishop in Upcoming July Ceremony!

Reader in celebrating over 40 years of prophetic ministry, invitations are being penned to recognize Archbishop Designate E. Bernard Jordan. After years as a stalwart visionary, presiding Bishop Roy E. Brown is elevating him to Archbishop, on July 8, 2016. Moving from Bishop to Archbishop, the festivities follow him July 9-11, beginning the 9th at the Pilgrim Assemblies International church (Brooklyn, NY). Running in tandem is the renowned Prophecology Summer 2016 event with pastors worldwide—such as special guests Akwasi Agyemeng Prempeh, Daniel Amoateng—convening. July 11, 2016, is the Prophet Ascension Banquet "where spirit meets matter" bringing together numerous faith leaders. Early registrants are anticipating an auspicious event, set to uplift many.

Archbishop-Designate E. Bernard Jordan Elevated to Archbishop in Upcoming July Ceremony

Lord Have Mercy Jekalyn Carr Just Shook Up The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Audience!

Reader the young worshipper Jekalyn Carr is a powerhouse, she pretty much shook upThe Rickey Smiley Morning Show audience this morning with her uplifting and powerful message. She also encouraged me this morning with her words:   I decree and declare my healing, my breakthrough and all that which God has promised. He didn't promise disease or sickness to my body He promised that I would PROSPER and BE IN GOOD HEALTH even as MY SOUL PROSPERS!!!!! He didn't promise me struggles nor strife. He promised me LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

Fix It Jesus: 'Prophetess' Indicted for Stealing Funds Intended to Feed Children!

Reader a Memphis TN, woman was indicted on charges that she allegedly stole federal grant money intended to feed hungry children. Jeannette Jives-Nealy who operated Kingdom Dominion Worldwide Ministries in Memphis used more than $162,000 in taxpayer money meant for children on herself, a new audit says. The Tennessee Comptroller’s office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) allege that Jeannette Jives-Nealy stole $162,165 in grant funds through her Kingdom Dominion Worldwide Ministries, Inc.

Jives-Nealy got the funds through the Summer Food Service Program for Children, a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program administered by the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS). The program is intended to provide free meals to children living in economically disadvantaged areas during the summer months. Jives-Nealy, who calls herself “Pastor Prophetess Jeannette Jives Nealy” on the ministry’s Facebook page, claimed she fed thousands of children, but investigators said al…

John Hagee Says God Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Donald Trump!

Reader, I believe that God will hold me accountable if I vote for anything that looks like Donald Trump. Contrary to what Pastor John Hagee says. Urging his audience to vote for Donald Trump, because while "no candidate is perfect," God could "give us a leader who has the courage to put America first."

The idea that John Hagee thinks God will sanction those who do not vote for a self-professed adulterer and hatemonger  who has been proven to be a liar. I guess putting America first trumps Christian values and the ten commandments! I think  Pastor Hagee is a bit confused, which seems to be a consistent trait amount right wing nut cases.

Church Announcement: Hezekiah Walker Inducted Into The Gospel Hall Of Fame!

Reader, huge congratulations to Bishop Hezekiah Walker who has been officially inducted into the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame, and his lead single “Better” hits top ten status.   Bishop Hezekiah Walker who has been recording music since 1987 was honored by Donnie McClurkin, J.J. Hairston and Richard Smallwood in a ceremony last week in Nashville, TN. You can catch the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame ceremony when it airs June 5th on JUCE TV!

Alright Now, Pastor Jamal Bryant Addresses Baby Rumors!

Reader, earlier in the month news leaked that Pastor Jamal Bryant, founding pastor of Empowerment Temple,  had secretly fathered a child he was not taking care of [click here if you missed that]. Pastor Bryant has broken his silence on the recent controversies surrounding him. However, he has neither admitted nor denied the allegation that he's the father of a 10-month-old boy to a massage therapist, who also claimed that the pastor had begged her to have an abortion. Pastor Bryant has addressed some of those allegations by telling his faithful followers on Periscope that he was not able to directly address certain topics because of legal constraints but assured his flock that he has never run from a responsibility in his life. Pastor Bryant also warned his congregants to expect his sermon this coming Sunday to be about the Lord and not Jamal.

What do you think?

Lord Have Mercy Thaddeus Matthew Is About To Start His Own Church In The Memphis Area!

Reader congratulations are in order for Thaddeus Matthew on his new adventure, in the Memphis TN, area. (NO SHADE HERE) I'm an active listener of his nightly show, but in my humble opinion, I don't think Mr. Matthew has been called by the God of the BIBLE to start a church.  I think he's like so many others who just went and is hoping it works out for him. I honestly believe his radio platform is the best and better advantage for his work within the black community; more so than a church building.

 With that being said,  I pray that he will continue to be a beacon of light, in a world that needs it so bad. Thaddeus Matthew is a good man, with a kind heart and a powerful radio platform. Good luck Mr. Matthew!

The AME Church Cannot Reprimand Pastor Jamal Bryant Becuause He's Not A Member Of The Joint College Of Bishops!

Reader, does Pastor Jamal Bryant's latest case reveal broken church discipline structure? This is a very interesting read on the AME disciplinary action policies, their organizational structure & bylaws. It actually explains a whole lot. According to this Facebook post, Pastor Bryant is NOT a member of the Joint College of Bishops, so they have no "legal right" to sanction him. It's my understanding that they are intending to meet with him, as a brother in Christ. But they cannot reprimand him.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church said Wednesday that Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, leader of Northwest Baltimore's Empowerment Temple Church, did not face a disciplinary trial in 2008 after a scandalous affair ruined his marriage because no one came forward with a complaint against him.


What Is Going On With Twinkie Clark?

Wow Saints, Periscope is of the devil! This drama between Larry Clark and Dorinda Clark-Cole is too much for me.  Nephew Larry Clark say pray for his Aunt Twinkie Clark who is being hospitalized against her will. Family and   friends are saying that Larry went on periscope and basically, told some of the family business.  The devil does not care how famous you are, we all have deep issues that need to be solved and forgiven. I'm just in shock that it got this far.

 Reader, I'm on the fence with this because outside of asking for pray for Twinkie and emphasizing that she really is NOT doing okay (which sent up a red flag), I haven't seen or heard Nephew Larry expose any family business. In his Periscopes, he may have hinted that there has been a history of family issues (which is no secret) but he was careful about not going into details and not saying names.

 I'm not a necessarily a fan or a follower of his but something in my spirit won't let me count him out on t…

NC Megachurch Pastor Stabbed During Home Invasion.

Reader a worship leader at one of the biggest churches in Charlotte, North Carolina is recovering Saturday morning after being attacked and robbed by a knife-wielding home intruder. Matt Bentley, who leads worship at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, entered his home Wednesday afternoon and was confronted by a man who had broken in, WSOC-TV reported. “He just kind of bum-rushed him, kind of swinging, asking for keys, wallet, phones, et cetera,” Bentley’s roommate, Hudson Hower told WSOC Thursday.

Church Announcement: Bishop Carlton Pearson Honored At Harvard University!

Reader May 12th, Bishop Carlton Pearson made history when he turned over more than 40 years of  his past life's work to the Harvard Divinity School Library that will be preserved and archived for perpetuity as part of his contribution to religious history in America.
Congratulations Bishop your contributions past, present, and future have and will continue to shape a generation to come.


James Fortune Addresses Domestic Abuse, Talk Healing Process!

Reader Gospel recording artist James Fortune took to Periscope in an effort to shed some light on domestic abuse. Here are some excerpt from James Fortune Periscope:

 “Domestic Violence is more about power and control, it's not just about physical violence. I struggle with control and that’s what I was dealing with. When you can’t control someone then you feel as though you are losing control. Jesus said be angry but don’t sin. We don’t talk about this in the church.” 
As he wrapped up his scope he said, “There are four things we need to initially look at to begin the healing process. You can’t change what you are not willing to confront. So take responsibility for whatever your problem is.” Here are the first four things Fortune said needs to be addressed when you are dealing with anger and domestic abuse.
 1) Stop blaming other people. You can’t say, someone did this to me, so I did this to them. You will never get free if you don’t. You are responsible for your thoughts, feeli…