Trap Music In The Sanctuary, Tyrese Calls The Church Out.

Reader, is this New age Gospel,,, THAT Young People Can Relate to? Share your thoughts. Pastor Jamal Bryant took to Periscope last night to express his concerns about Gospel music sounding to secular.....What is the sound of the church? Check it out below. I strongly disagree with Pastor Jamal Bryant comment about Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary.



  1. Its hard for me to take Jamal seriously when just a few years ago he took his Daughter to a BEYONCE CONCERT!!! But I will play along.

    There is so much for me to address in this, so I will touch on just 3 points.

    1. Gospel music has always used secular songs as a base for their industry. Many of the old hymns Bryant mentioned used the rhythms of secular tavern songs to honor the Lord. Today's music is no different.

    2. I think Christians in general give to much credit to many of these gospel artists. Which is why once many of them have a few hit songs to their credit they take advantage of their fame and try to start a church.
    Nobody bothers to ask if they are qualified, or if they truly love the Lord.
    (Which is why we get pastors like LeAndria Johnson)
    Sing the songs and leave the true teachers and ministers to empowering the people with the word.

    3. Marvin Sapp through Jamal Bryant stated that the only two Gospel artists that have done contemporary music right were KIRK FRANKLIN & MARY, MARY. 😳
    So Marvin and Jamal are so concerned with "THE MUSIC" of gospel artists, they have been blinded from their behavior.

    Mary, Mary acting foolish on a reality show doesn't give them pause?

    Kirk Franklin teaming up with Kanye West (who is always blaspheming God on his albums) doesn't warrant some questioning to Kirks motive?

    There are some genres of gospel music I love and others I will NEVER LISTEN TOO but that's MY PERSONAL TASTE.

    The Gospel of Christ has no OFFICIAL style of music.
    Sometimes I want to dance like David,
    Other times I want just be alone in quite communion with my music in the background.

    1. Oh My God - by KlarKent pretty dope. Deep water saints no one cares what you think, it's 2016 stay in the water or come up for fresh air. - Kanye shrug

  2. When the world run into the church it is usually for help, relief, answers or temporary safety. Over the last 10 to 15 years, all I have been hearing is we need to contextualize the Gospel to draw young folks. I can't tell if it worked, because this world is buck wild. Just the fact that this is " a sin sick world ", the Gospel is already relevant for every age. Considering the amount of preachers and choirs in existence, the result of the Gospel on the world seems far and few. I would say the only people got caught by trap music and preaching are the saints. No need in entertaining the spirit of deception to lure people to church ( trap ). After all, if the Gospel can't save them, then they can't be Save. Whether its preaching or singing, I hear more compromise ( the gospel according to them) than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The contemporary church has no filter. Instead of provoking the world to jealous, the world calls the church hypocrites. Looking at the world it appears that the church is going to loose this fight. Like I said the spirit if deception. BUT NOT ON GOD'S WATCH.,

  3. I just watched the music video referenced in your post and it is nothing to write home about. The concept video was okay but nothing to write home about either. In looking at the members of this group, each individuals music stood on its own, so a new collaboration is needed. The problem with gospel music is lack of discernment and creativity. Since God has given his covenant children creativity, there is no need to mimic the world to be relevant to young people. If Jesus is truly the center of the music, young people will be thrilled with Jesus and not just a beat. I grew up singing in church and in a community choir in my own community so I understand the whole concept of "attracting people to church with music." In making the previous comment, there is yet another issue with gospel music: beats that overpower the Biblical message these songs are trying to convey to this generation. All I got from the video was this phrase: "Oh my God." Catchy, but gives me no spiritual content. There was a time when contemporary gospel had a powerful message, but now it is no different than R&B music. It would do everyone in the Black church from praise dancers to choir members some good if they engage in a serious study of the Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms was ancient Israel's songbook, so we should look to the examples of David and Asaph in singing a new song unto the Lord. I neither condemn contemporary gospel, but neither do I condone the genre. There are enough gifted creative people in the Kingdom to produce albums and film music videos. We do not need the world because when we truly do things under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, people feel convicted. It is sad the stream does not play in the post because I truly want to hear what Bryant had to say about trap music. We do not need trap music, we can sing a new song unto God and get our beats from the Holy Spirit. These artists ought to try that sometimes, they will get less criticism because the Holy Spirit will convict them if anything is out of order or sound too worldly. This is an issue I am passionate about due to being a singer and a creative type (web design and development).

  4. One more thing to add to my previous comment. The Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ draws people to repentance and salvation, not a cheezy attempt to be relevant. Lift Jesus up and he will draw all men to himself. In my comment, I meant to say that those guy's music stood by themselves, so there is no need for a new collaboration.

  5. smh. I don't even know where to start. Not gonna be long but real quick. I saw the beginning of the end in 1988 with Bebe & CeCe Winans cd "Heaven." I was in the 8th grade. Listening to the words, I was like, where Jesus at? lol. They had Whitney Houston on there with the song, "Hold up the Light." Listening to the lyric, I was like, what Light? God was said once in that song and no Jesus. The definition of God can be defined 200million different ways. This was the beginning of being able to put together a cd, with a hint of God in it but yet it can be played on the radio without offended anyone. Just make sure that cd don't mention JESUS. Jamal mentioned Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin. smh. what a joke. When I finished with the Heaven cd, I had to pull my Commissioned cds out and put em' on blast. Finally just get all the Truth Behind Hip Hop cds.. lol...

  6. Fred Hammond answer to pastor Jamal Bryant:

    1. I see Fred with the 2 earrings. yep. and he left these lyrics they wrote in 1987. so sad. Success has deceived the world today
      Even in the church so many's gone astray
      We're living in a world of fantasy
      Blinded by the pleasures of this high society

      Fame and fortune is their reward
      They don't know that man's glory
      Last for a season They must know
      What comes up must come down
      Except when the Lord takes you on higher ground

      Only what you do for Jesus Christ will last

  7. Isaac Carree response to Pastor Jamal Bryant:

  8. Gospel artists are not concern about helping people grow in Christ they are concern about selling records. It is all about compromise. Satan moves best through music and this is why He is taking over the body of Christ. Music is his specialty and most Gospel artists are singing to our flesh and not our spirits. We think it is God but it is the devil and nobody gets delivered and the enemy stays in control. Pastors allow it because they don't care about souls but image, fame, fortune and money. Listen to the songs that are out today, I hear the name God in more secular songs. I deeply disturb by Kirk Franklin today because He at one time was singing songs to glorify Jesus but it is like he use God to become popular then conform to the sound of the world. I actually heard him say according to the Bible homosexuality is wrong, but that is the Bible's view and not necessary my view. Wow a popular Gospel artist, which by the way Gospel is the Good News of Jesus Christ and God's Word, is saying what God says is wrong is not necessary what I am saying is wrong. That is scary and so yes we have lost it, the world is looking for God but they will not find him in the churches today or by listening to a lot of Gospel artists.

  9. Music that glorifies God is true gospel music. This is sad because it's simply another example of divide and conquer in The Body of Christ. There was a time that Ray Charles wad accused of sounding "too churchy" to be secular! When does it end? Let's lift Him up and stop letting satan cause discord among us.

  10. Music that glorifies God is true gospel music. This is sad because it's simply another example of divide and conquer in The Body of Christ. There was a time that Ray Charles wad accused of sounding "too churchy" to be secular! When does it end? Let's lift Him up and stop letting satan cause discord among us.

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