The Condrey Evangelistic Association: Stand America Prays!

Reader it's been said in times of great difficulty, "all we can do is pray!" But if you really think about it--prayer should never be our last resort, but our first step! It's time to put aside our differences, Stand together, and Pray. Join thousands of others this Saturday at 12noon until 4pm, at the Georgia Dome for The Stand-America Prays. let us join arms with other pastors, artists, and men/women who simply want to see God move in our nation! 


  1. I see a couple of low life was added....Paula White.

  2. Amazing... how any and all type folks... who call themselves bishops, and apostles and women preachers, and false teachers, and word of faith advocates, and entertainers... CAN USE THE God-given act of "PRAYER" to rally folks to feed their greed and their pride...I mean PRAYER is supposed to be personal, Not something one should put on BLAST. But these folks, ya'll, will do things that are so contrary, it's almost DAMNABLE!!!

  3. Let's match the descriptions with the face.

    1: Had a child with his mistress, while never leaving the pulpit. Claims he went to Oxford university, but he didn't.

    2: Wears a Tutu when preaching, and is on a reality show to "spread the word of Gwad". 🙄

    3: A millionaire Partnering with her husband to get a FREE JET.

    4: Working on her SECOND church, her THIRD marriage and loves her some Trump.

  4. Ms. Ann here's a very interesting comment:

    I'm very upset with these folks at this time. My church asked if our Elders and Ministers (I'm a minister) would like to gain more experience by helping in the baptism part of the service. I volunteered. Last night I was told that the baptism process isn't accessible to people in wheelchairs (I'm in a wheelchair) so I would not be able to serve along side my fellow ministers.

    Okay, forget about me, but what about the rest of the people that will be filling up the Georgia Dome? Am I to understand that the Condrey Evangelistic Association, Cory Condrey & Joann Rosario Condrey don't expect any disable people to want to receive Christ and be baptized today at this event? If not, why not? If they did expect people with disabilities to want to receive Christ and be baptized how do they plan to make that happen???

    So I'm going to see for myself how they will handle it. Today I'm going to the Stand Campaign event, that is hosted by the Condrey Evangelistic Association, Cory Condrey & Joann Rosario Condrey, to be baptized! Let's see what happens.
    I will be contacting some friends at CNN (which is located literally right across the street) so they can report what happens. But if they aren't interested I just may Periscope it myself. The Bible teaches us that "whosoever will let them come." What does that look like church? Are we (those with disabilities) just supposed to "come" and watch the rest of the people being ministered to? Well let's see...

  5. Every one that believes in the power of prayer should be at the Georgia Dome on today. Don't miss a chance of Unity to pray for our great state and our great Nation!!!

    1. No thanks...I can pray at home and save $100.


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