Rich Church Members Gift Pastor A Private Jet For His Birthday!

Reader The Miracle Arena for All Nations in Canada surprised their pastor, Dr. Kofi Danso with a private jet to celebrate his birthday. The church was founded by Danso and his wife JoAnne in 2011, gifted and thanked the pastor for his dedication and passion towards the church.

 During an interview, the pastor stated that he had the vision earlier that he would have his own jet this year (2016). The pastor added that it is not wasteful for a church to own a private jet, but rather necessary. He emphasized that the church will generate funds for the jet by leasing out when not in use. He then urged all churches to follow this step and own a private jet. “Every church should do this for their pastors if they can. The more we help pastors to reach one continent or the other we help fulfill the gospel,” Prophet Danso noted.


  1. Not wasteful? Ok, here we go. Total Variable Cost

    The ‘Total Variable Cost’ illustrated in Chart D is defined as the Cost of Fuel Expense, Maintenance Labor Expense, Scheduled Parts Expense and Miscellaneous Trip Expense. The Total Variable Cost for the Learjet 60 series shows a high of $1,852 per hour (Learjet 60) to a low of $1,600 (Learjet 60XR) compared to the Hawker 750 at $1,863 and the Gulfstream G150 at $1,561.

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  3. The following information is from an an owner from a forums learjet website; "I own a CJ1 and I can tell you this the monthly payment is $7K a glass cockpit is $52K gas is $1K-$1.5K insurance is $8K yr. If a new engine is needed thats another $100K. Plus all the other incidentals that add up to $8 to $16K a yr." And to this Pastor; FLY DELTA DUDE...

  4. “Every church should do this for their pastors if they can. The more we help pastors to reach one continent or the other we help fulfill the gospel,” Prophet Danso noted

    Hmmm. I thought the gospel was about the reconciliation of humanity through Jesus Christ. A pastor should be concerned about his parishioners on the continent of which they live. The fulfillment of the gospel is not going to happen via Danso's worldwide tour on this big ol plane, oops my bad - private jet. He's so fancy. Since the church paid for it, do the members get to take it for a ride to "spread the gospel" too?

    That money could have went to help the WORKING poor, widows, and orphans to end the cycle of poverty in areas nearby that need ministry. Or down payments for homes, or investments in businesses. Or maybe a free private school for the church's children void of the immoral & twisted teachings of the public schools. That money could've went to helping the people of God become more self-sufficient and sustainable as a community.

    But noooo... pastor needs a plane so that we can live vicariously through our man of god. Yes, little g god because I'm not sure who this dude is serving besides himself.

    This is so stupid. The parishioners must be in some sort of a stupor to give their money for a plane, of which I'm willing to bet money, they wont be able to ride. A pastor should be a servant of servants, not worshiped by the people.

  5. another wolf in sheep clothing fleecing the flock and the government... these preachers/pastors want to live like celebrities... the last time I checked, Jesus had to borrow another man's boat and He rode on another man's donkey... T.D. Jakes, Joel Olsten, Crefflo Dollar, and the likes has ruined the future generations of preachers...

  6. If his church has no problem with it, then why should I? Its not like they're asking me for money. This isn't the first or the last church to engage in reckless spending. Who knows, maybe they're just as giving with charitable donations. Either way, it's their money, they can do whatever they want with it.

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  8. This was probably the dumbest one ever. Leroy Thompson's plane named, "Weapon of Prosperity" I can't believe I played keys behind this guy at one point when he visited at church I once upon a time was a member. "MONEY COMETH!" smh. I so remember that chant. Unreal. Here's the breakdown for the members who went to his church to pay on HIS plane.
    If I pledge : The monthly breakdown is

    $1000 $41.66/month
    $1250 $52.08/month
    $1500 $62.50/month
    $2000 $83.33/month
    $2500 $104.16/month
    $5000 $208.33/month
    $7500 $312.5/month
    $10000 $416.66/month
    $15000 $625/month
    $20000 $833.33/month

  9. See CREFLO...This is how you "do it"...


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