Question For Today: Is It Ever Okay For A Christian Leader To Attend A Gay Wedding?

Reader if a Christian leader attends a gay wedding does that mean he/she are endorsing the lifestyle? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Never. This is part of the Great Falling away. I will not be a part of something that is not ordained by the all-mighty God I serve. Many Christians and Ministers I might add are falling for this deception across the world that satan has orchestrated within this earth.

  2. With this 501c3,we're going to see who stands. They've sold out without knowing(some do know,but are more concerned about money.Some work for the other side). They will force us to do certain things then the TRUE persecution will start. It will separate the real from the fake.

  3. It's obvious that some Christians are starting to have different views on homosexuality and many actually do endorse the lifestyle. If your spiritual leader has views that aren't aligned with yours, then it's time to find a new leader.


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