Prophet Manasseh Jordan Exposé Reveals the Ministry and the Man.

Reader in an exclusive YouTube interview released today, those curious about how 25 year old Prophet Manasseh Jordon is handling tasks as a CEO, author, and Christian minister can get an inside look. Captivating millions with his fiery approach to bringing people to God, Jordon was a child prodigy at the age of eight. He has committed well over half of his existence to helping people face life’s challenges—even when faced with his own. Whether alleged controversies, criticisms, or struggles with coming of age; Jordon defied becoming a negative statistic and remains clear about his life’s direction. Noticing a lack of positive spotlights on today’s youth, entertainment mogul Angelo Ellerbee—founder of DoubleXXposure Media Relations, working with Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige and others—took up the challenge. In a digital expose, he speaks to Prophet Manasseh about his ascent in the ministry.

The interview exposes Jordon’s background as a Brooklyn native growing up with parents—both pastors and bishops—who encouraged his discerning gift as a visionary. Traveling with the ministry alongside his father, Bishop Bernard Jordon, and Pastor Benny Hinn, Jordon’s special insight grew exponentially. These days, his messages of hope are widely followed via weekly TV broadcasts on BET's Morning Inspiration, and a growing audience of followers show his outreach reaching back in impressive numbers. His nonprofit, Manasseh Jordon Ministries, operates programs that provide better opportunities for state-fostered youth, while donations add to hundreds of church mission programs around the world, such as in Malaysia, Africa, and Korea. They also bridge payments for mental health patients who cannot make their copays for treatment.

In the interview, Jordon explains his works as a prophet: “Someone that hears the voice of God. Throughout the Word, every prophet had a message. I believe that people like Dr. Martin Luther King had a message. He was a prophet in his own right. He had a dream that one day unity would happen, that discrimination would stop. Of course, we are still fighting for that, but he saw a day that is not here yet. Prophets prepare people for a day that is coming. It is in my heart to prepare the people for what God is saying for this time… stop the violence, shootings, the wars... it’s a message of love...” Despite whatever hurdles a young minster with that size organization has to overcome, Jordon’s Facebook page shows a motivational platform for his many followers. As well, he is popular these days with speaking engagements around the world. His daily cultivation of mind/body/spirit routines will parlay into a fitness and wellness book series launching mid-2016.

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  1. Good video, Prophet Manasseh Called To Give Hope!


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