Have The Saints Gone To Far? Blinged-Out Clergy Collars!

Reader someone posted this onto my timeline, these are supposed to be cleric collars. In my opinon that's the problem now.....there's too much foolishness in the pulpit. I cannot imagine anyone wearing a ‘blinged out’ clergy collar. Still shaking my head at the mere thought of it.


  1. Lol they look like dog collars too me!!! Oh my ha ha! The title alone made me bust out in a laugh.

  2. Any pastor caught wearing these collars should be immediately fired, they're suppose to be HUMBLE SERVANTS, not BOASTFUL PERFORMERS.

    1. By the looks of those collars, they look more for women to wear then men...is this another attempt to feminize our strong black preachers. They already watered down a lot of them preachong their love messages for gays...you know...the sermons they preach that "all sin is equal in the eyes of GAWD"...

  3. Old Testament Priests wore jewels on their attire. Not all black churches & denominations wear these collars. The practice was borrowed from Catholics. The only issue is that whatever following guidelines exist in local assemblies should be followed.


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