Gunman Shoots, Kills Man During Sunday Church Service In Pennsylvania!

Reader Sunday's have become just another 'gunday' in the US. Officials have a suspect in custody after a man was shot and killed late Sunday morning during a service at Keystone Fellowship Church in North Wales, Pennsylvania. A post on the church's Facebook page confirmed that a shooting did occur at the church. The alleged shooter was taken into police custody, and neither the victim nor suspect has been identified. The church's Facebook page earlier said that a special guest pastor was scheduled to speak during its 11 a.m. service on Sunday about "serving in a country that is extremely hostile to the Christian faith."
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  1. With so many shootings taking place in churches now days, what can we learn from this?
    I'm not sure about some of you'll but, I can remember growing up down south and this type of stuff was unheard off.
    I can remember growing up and people would turn down their music passing by a church buildings.
    I'm quite sure we all remember what took place in Charleston SC.
    Question 1)
    Is the building or place no longer anointed (Ichabod/1 Samuel 4:21) or is it the people who reside in the building no longer operating in the same spirit as of old? {Jeremiah 6:16}
    Scripture says Judgement starts in the household of God.
    Or as it written in 1 Peter 4:17 (Berean Study Bible)
    For it is time for judgment to begin with the family<--- of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who disobey the gospel of God?
    Question 2) Are these Judgements of God or attacks of Satan? (Scriptures Please)
    Question 3)
    Whose actually included or encompassing the family of God? (Hint: think BIG)

  2. That shootings occur in churches has nothing to do with anointing. It seems more reflective of the continued degradation of what is considered sacred, even if it's not a matter of holiness. Churches have enjoyed a certain status in our society, which has little to do with anointing. If the people inside are affected by what happens outside, the what is outside makes its way in. What can you expect in a country where values are relative and everyone is at odds with each. Not to mention that religious groups/organizations are the promoters of extreme division and separation.

  3. The guy was killed after an argument over a seat.


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