Fix It Jesus: Did Prince Really Know Jesus???

Reader much speculation has arisen in the last couple of days over Prince faith, particularly relating to his professed religious affiliation to the Jehovah's Witnesses. But did Prince really know Jesus? Many would argue that this is a question to which no-one can provide an ultimate answer, but some have tried to answer.

COGIC, Pastor Harvey Burnett posted the following:

Inside Prince's private faith

I so desire that Prince really was Saved but we'll never truly know. Only God knows. But let's not deceive ourselves into thinking that everyone that talks religiously or goes to Church is actually Saved. If only that were true but it's not. Being Saved means bought by Jesus's blood and now we're indebted to our Lord and Savior and we owe our lives to him. That requires a constant dying to everything that is carnal, worldly and of the Flesh. Jesus never says that following him would be a piece of cake. On the contrary he said we'd be persecuted and even killed in his name's sake.


  1. If u dont believe in the diety of Jesus, that he is God, then you wont b saved.



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