Dr. E.Dewey Smith Tribute To Prince!

Reader my internet Pastor Dr. E.Dewey Smith has come under fire from some of the social media crowd for a quick tribute to Prince after Sunday morning worship service.

Read it here:



  1. Thats right Passa Dewey....what ever goes on in your car, bring it to church...66 books in the Bible, and most of the congregants in most churches including yours, are Biblically illiterate and you spend precious time talking about "Prince". You go boy...

    1. Yes Anonymous! Again, as a musician, it took me a looooong time, lol, to realize that this tip towin' around when it came to music was cool. I thought it was alright to mix up secular junk and throw some sacred on top of it and call it Holy. NO!! The Word says you're either hot or cold but ya lukewarm. This lukewarm junk is all over the world now in churches especially this Dewey joker! It's unreal. When you take a secular unholy song and put some Jesus on it, they congregation gone know, oh, that's the Drake line or that's that Beyonce line. And then all of a sudden, Jesus ain't on your mind at all!!! I GETTIN' TIRED OF JOKERS LIKE DEWEY SAYING I'M BEING TOO DEEP, THIS IS ABOUT BEING TRULY SAVED AND LIVIN' WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE FOR CHRIST!! Again... From 0.00 - 3:25 wraps this whole thing up when it comes to music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY43HTWqONw

  2. So I wonder if Dewey Smith would be alright with people listening to Prince's "Sexy M**** F******", or Nicky?

    1. Exactly Cop! Ministers and the church is unreal now. Sad part is, it's gonna get worse.

    2. How about if they wore pants with the butt cheeks cut out of them like Prince while they're at it? That should be fine too... Right? This guy is really a clown.

  3. I don't get it.
    Hands lifted during praise and worship.
    Hands lifted when Prince's Purple Rain is playing.
    Same congregation.
    Same altar.
    Same hands.
    Exactly what god DO you serve???

  4. This ain't worship! It's a strange fire in the house of the Lord! Keep playing with God messing around with these false idols. Aaron's sons were consumed by fire for offering up a strange fire unto the Lord.

    1. You are correct Dominique. Here's the problem with folk. They see the big beautiful church, "it's soooo wonderful inside. We goto a BIG CHURCH. Oooooo, I felt goosebumps when they sang my song. Oooh, child we have celebrities that goto my church." It's stupid dumb foolishness like this that keeps people locked in to a church they believe has the spirit of the Lord there, but there's just pure emotion present. There's sin from the back of the church to the front and it's just shhhhh... don't say nothing. They give excuses like, "Ain't nobody perfect." Or, I love this one, "You ain't suppose to judge." With all that said, there's no accountability and total chaos in the church. It's ridiculous.


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