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Question For Today: Was Homosexuality The Only Reason Sodom Was Destroyed?

Reader, I agree with this article. Homosexuality was not the only reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God.  So why do so many Christians push that false narrative as truth?  Because of what has been incorrectly and incompletely taught about Sodom and Gomorrah, people think that God is going to all of a sudden now "judge America" because of gay marriage and homosexuality. Well, there isn't any evidence in scripture supporting that. And God by now has at least a thousand reasons to "judge America" that are far worse that homosexuals getting married.

 There’s no doubt the story of Sodom has created a cultural rippling effect throughout history. Many churches today believe homosexuality is a distinct and wicked sin, above others, worthy of its own level of punishment and damnation. In this worldview, it’s easy to peg our downfall as a “Christian” country on the sins of homosexuals. But, are they really getting Sodom straight? And are we? Yes, the Bible says…

Otis Redding Grandson Killed By Girlfriend!

Reader, scandal and a senseless killing have rocked the city of Macon, Georgia, and the family of the late Otis Redding. Brandon Parker, 33, the grandson of Redding, was shot by his girlfriend Tracia Yvonne Hubbard, 48. The incident allegedly started at the popular Tic Toc Room restaurant in downtown Macon where the couple engaged in a loud and public argument. Anonymous sources have stated that the fight had to do with Parker getting ready to receive his first church and when were they going to get married. Parker was set to take over as pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Macon. His grandfather, Rev. Jacob Parker, had recently retired after 49 years of service and the church was making official preparations for a change in leadership.

Rolling Out:

Prophet Manasseh Jordan Exposé Reveals the Ministry and the Man.

Reader in an exclusive YouTube interview released today, those curious about how 25 year old Prophet Manasseh Jordon is handling tasks as a CEO, author, and Christian minister can get an inside look. Captivating millions with his fiery approach to bringing people to God, Jordon was a child prodigy at the age of eight. He has committed well over half of his existence to helping people face life’s challenges—even when faced with his own. Whether alleged controversies, criticisms, or struggles with coming of age; Jordon defied becoming a negative statistic and remains clear about his life’s direction. Noticing a lack of positive spotlights on today’s youth, entertainment mogul Angelo Ellerbee—founder of DoubleXXposure Media Relations, working with Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige and others—took up the challenge. In a digital expose, he speaks to Prophet Manasseh about his ascent in the ministry.

The interview exposes Jordon’s background as a Brooklyn native growing up with parents—both pas…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Become A Ordained Bishop, Complete Package Is $50.00, Include Shipping And Handling.

Reader, I'm now an ORDAINED BISHOP... No need for consecration, my papers will come in 3-4 weeks via the mail. Order your instant Bishop Package today for the price of $50. And you thought that to become a Bishop you had to be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; Not a novice. And that he must have a good report of them which are without. Don't hate celebrate!
 I found it on my timeline....what do you think?

Why Do Everyone Want To Be A Pastor? Pastor Tye Tribbett!

Reader awesome news, Tye Tribbett is now the senior pastor of the newest church in Orlando FL. I pray that God greatly manifest his presence among the youth, younger adult, young adults, in Orlando and the surrounding area, as they connect and network with other great ministries already in the area, making GOD BIGGER than the constant in the news issues in the area. Why do everyone want to be a pastor?

Christian Counseling Student Expelled for Refusing to Counsel Gay Couples!

Reader, I wonder why conservative Christian students would choose to attend educational programs that do not share their values? Counseling involves relationships and values. In this report of a lawsuit, a Christian counseling student refused to counsel gays based on his religious beliefs. The challenge may be worthy of study by all students and clinicians whose religious beliefs come into conflict with the beliefs of another social entity such as a school, clinic, or professional organization.

According to The Daily Wire, Andrew Cash, who was pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling at Missouri State University (MSU) is suing the university for expelling him.

In my humble opinion, it seems to me that there is a distinction between certification and practice. A school ultimately decides its certification standards, in line with what is approved by state requirements and the governing certification bodies, such as APA. However, when one is in practice, one might be able to refuse servi…


Reader The Billboard Music Awards are just weeks away and the gospel nominations are in:
Top Gospel Artist: Anthony Brown & group therAPy  Tasha Cobbs  Kirk Franklin  Travis Greene  Marvin Sapp  Top Gospel Album Anthony Brown & group therAPy, Everyday Jesus  Tasha Cobbs, One Place Live  Kirk Franklin, Losing My Religion  Jonathan McReynolds, Life Music: Stage Two  Marvin Sapp, You Shall Live  Top Gospel Song Anthony Brown & group therAPy – “Worth”  Erica Campbell featuring Big Shizz – “I Luh God”  Kirk Franklin – “Wanna Be Happy?”  Travis Greene – “Intentional”  Brian Courtney Wilson – “Worth Fighting For” The Billboard Music Awards, hosted by Ludacris and Ciara, airs May 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Click here for the full list of nominees.


Dr. E.Dewey Smith Tribute To Prince!

Reader my internet Pastor Dr. E.Dewey Smith has come under fire from some of the social media crowd for a quick tribute to Prince after Sunday morning worship service.

Read it here:


Question For Today: Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones?

Reader cremation means “to reduce to ashes by burning.” With the untimely death of Prince, death and cremation are dominating our news cycle. Some church leaders have chosen this time to speak out concerning cremation and burial. When considering the matter, we find that God commanded burial -- not cremation.  Whenever most Christians are asked about their final wishes concerning their body after death most will choose burial.  Some if not all Christians believe that the Bible supports burial over cremation.  While others believe it does not matter, either way.

 Some on social media don't understand why Pastor John Piper felt the need to write a post like the one linked above.  Folks seem to think it could be upsetting to many Christians who have carried out this wish for a loved one or chosen it for themselves as part of a last well or directive.
 "It really seems to have an air of condemnation to it that's unnecessary and hurtful. My dad and step-dad were both cremated …

Oh My God, Gospel Choir Put The Oil On Prince "I Would Die For You!

Reader Gospel singer Trey McLaughlin and a group of talented singers have produced a video of them performing a live arrangement of the late megastar Prince's hit song 'I Would Die For You,' exchanging lyrics for Christian truths. "Jesus Died For You!" the group exclaims, with gloriously tight harmonies. Full of funky breakdowns and ascending vocal fusions, this is an incredible tribute to the musician who touched so many lives over his lengthy career. Check it out below. I LOVE IT!


Erica Campbell Replaces The Yolanda Adams Morning Show on Radio One With Her New "Radio Show" Entitled "Get Up Mornings With Erica Campbell"!

Reader according to some the Gospel Music industry is just as shady as the secular music industry. Yolanda Adam had a good show. I guess she hasn't had a hit record in a while or a reality show so, she had to go. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Erica will do fine, but I'm not sure what much of a difference there will be. Oh yea, advertising... Erica will bring in more money because of her status...not because she will produce a better show.

Erica Campbell Multi-award winning gospel artist and reality TV star Erica Campbell brings her voice, inspiration, charisma and style to a new morning drive radio show syndicated by Reach Media Inc. in collaboration with Radio One. The new 4-hour show, Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell sets a new bar for morning inspirational radio. Erica’s fresh take on radio brings a diverse mix of gospel and inspirational music, star-studded interviews, and practical principles to help listeners do what her mantra proclaims: Faith Walking. Love Ta…

Congratulation Tye Tribbett:

Reader BET Networks has announced the new programming that’s heading to its network of stations which includes BET and Centric. The announcement came at its annual Upfront presentation last week, with a commitment to offer more original programming than ever before. It was announced that Two - time GRAMMY®, Soul Train, Dove and Stellar Award winning recording artist Tye Tribbett has been tapped to host the network's new Sunday morning inspirational series JOYFUL NOISE.


Fix It Jesus: Did Prince Really Know Jesus???

Reader much speculation has arisen in the last couple of days over Prince faith, particularly relating to his professed religious affiliation to the Jehovah's Witnesses. But did Prince really know Jesus? Many would argue that this is a question to which no-one can provide an ultimate answer, but some have tried to answer.

COGIC, Pastor Harvey Burnett posted the following:

Inside Prince's private faith

I so desire that Prince really was Saved but we'll never truly know. Only God knows. But let's not deceive ourselves into thinking that everyone that talks religiously or goes to Church is actually Saved. If only that were true but it's not. Being Saved means bought by Jesus's blood and now we're indebted to our Lord and Savior and we owe our lives to him. That requires a constant dying to everything that is carnal, worldly and of the Flesh. Jesus never says that following him would be a piece of cake. On the contrary he said we'd be persecuted and even kill…

Question For Today: Is It Ever Okay For A Christian Leader To Attend A Gay Wedding?

Reader if a Christian leader attends a gay wedding does that mean he/she are endorsing the lifestyle? What are your thoughts?

Source here:

Gunman Shoots, Kills Man During Sunday Church Service In Pennsylvania!

Reader Sunday's have become just another 'gunday' in the US. Officials have a suspect in custody after a man was shot and killed late Sunday morning during a service at Keystone Fellowship Church in North Wales, Pennsylvania. A post on the church's Facebook page confirmed that a shooting did occur at the church. The alleged shooter was taken into police custody, and neither the victim nor suspect has been identified. The church's Facebook page earlier said that a special guest pastor was scheduled to speak during its 11 a.m. service on Sunday about "serving in a country that is extremely hostile to the Christian faith."
Source here:

Have The Saints Gone To Far? Blinged-Out Clergy Collars!

Reader someone posted this onto my timeline, these are supposed to be cleric collars. In my opinon that's the problem now.....there's too much foolishness in the pulpit. I cannot imagine anyone wearing a ‘blinged out’ clergy collar. Still shaking my head at the mere thought of it.

Lord Have Mercy: When You Want To Do A Tribute To Prince, But You In Church!

Reader I knew this was gonna happen today in a church somewhere in America, and it did.  I was just waiting for the video upload and finally it happened "Purple Rain" themed gospel song.

2.They went all in hereFacebook:

3.Church by the Glades:

Christian Mingle Partners With T. D. Jake's’ Megachurch The Potter’s House To Help Single Members Find Lifelong Partners.

Reader ChristianMingle® announced April 20, 2016,  its newest partnership under its co-branded church initiative with one of the fastest-growing churches in the nation, The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX. Since launching this initiative in late February, ChristianMingle has been enabling single Christians within congregations to easily connect with one another on ChristianMingle through dedicated search capabilities, discounted membership fees and exclusive personalized customer service offerings.  ChristianMingle will have a presence at this year’s International Pastors and Leadership Conference, hosted by The Potter’s House in Orlando, FL April 21-23.

ChristianMingle Partners With T. D. Jakes’ Megachurch The Potter’s House to Help Single Members Find Lifelong Partners

Was This Church Out Of Line?

Reader a United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma commemorates Prince with the opening lyrics from “Let’s Go Crazy.” As provocative as Prince was (and a brilliant musical genius) it's refreshing to see a church acknowledge his passing.  They since have come under fire from some on social media for it. What do you think? Were they out of line?

Bishop Carlton Pearson's Eulogy Of Prince!

Reader Bishop CarltonPearson Facebook post about Prince is very well stated. I agree and totally respect the way in which Bishop Pearson shared his interpretation. There are not many people who can touch so many people in a positive way and not have even met the Majority of them.  Beings such as that among us should be recognized for their contributions to humanity.


Pastor Dwight McKissic Wants SBC To Refuse To Accept Or Be Associated With The Confederate Flag.

ReaderPastor Dwight McKissic wants SBCto renounce the confederate flag. Pastor Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, recently submitted a resolution for possible consideration at the SBC annual meeting urging individuals and both public and private institutions to discontinue use of the Confederate flag “as a step in good faith toward racial healing” in a country in many ways still divided by race.  Pastor McKissic said “racial tensions and ongoing bigotries are inflamed” by continued use of the Confederate flag, which “is utilized as a symbol of racial, ethnic, and religious hatred, oppression, and murder which offends untold millions of people.”

He is asking the nation’s second-largest faith group behind Roman Catholics to acknowledge “the controversial and necessarily divisive symbol of racism conveyed by the ongoing public display” of the Confederate flag and call on all people to “work diligently to remove vestigial symbols of racism from publ…

Prince Has Transition From Time Unto Eternity.

Reader, Wow one of the greatest and most professional musicians scratch that person ever. Never had a scandle or controversy he was just a good cool person. Little pieces of my youth everywhere in his music. RIP, Prince!

Prophet Brian Carn and Minister Mario Campbell Dialogue:Is The Holy Ghost A Requirement To Be Saved???

Reader Periscope is becoming a very popular platform for many Christians, in a good and bad way.  Periscope is the live video streaming app which Twitter launched last year in response to their competitor Meerkat. In just one button click, you are live streaming to your Twitter followers who can tweet questions, comments, and show love to the streamer. In my opinion, this is by far the best platform for getting dialogue and discussion started.

The other night on the scope, the young minister picture above opened up a can of worms when he asked the following question: Is The Holy Ghost A Requirement To Be Saved? When the scope was shared is when Prophet Carn joined the conversation and stated his opinion that yes the Holy Ghost was a requirement to be saved, but the young minister respectfully disagreed with the prophet and his followers. Becuase the young minister disagreed with the prophet he started to receive threats by DM. The man of God in the video below decided to do a scop…

Harriet Tubman ‘American Moses’ Is Coming To The $20 Bill!

Reader Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, Treasury Department has announced. The move will make Tubman the first African-American, the first woman in more than 100 years and the first unabashed Christian to be portrayed on a bill. (Martha Washington briefly appeared on a $1 silver certificate, and Pocahontas, on the back of the $20 bill, according to The Atlantic.)

5 Faith Facts about Harriet Tubman: ‘American Moses’ is Coming to $20 Bill

Church Announcement: Bishop Charles Blake "DID NOT MOLEST ME" Earl Carter STOP Defaming My Family!

Reader the Earl Carter vs Bishop Blake saga continues with a new twist. A video has been uploaded by Sidney Lassiter III and Sidney Lassiter II "REBUKING" Earl Carter for lies about their family and BISHOP BLAKE. Minister Sidney Lassiter IIIDECLARES Bishop Charles Blake DID NOT MOLEST him. Sidney Lassiter II DECLARES Earl Carter knew that his allegations were FALSE but continued to make videos to defamed Bishop Charles Blake. Listen to Elder Sidney Lassiter II prophetic words against Earl Carter.

Jennifer Hudson Has Signed On To Play Aretha Franklin?

Reader, congratulation to Jennifer Hudsonfor being chosen to play Aretha Franklin in an upcoming biopic of the singer life. That  was a close call for a minute there, I thought they were going to cast Ms. Parton herself.  Anyhow, great choice in Jennifer.  Jennifer Hudson, who won an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls, is set to once again take center stage as iconic singer Aretha Franklin in a biopic chronicling the famed musician’s rise to fame.  Jennifer will portray Aretha in her transition from gospel singer to mainstream artist in the early sixties to mid-seventies.

Church Announcement:The Levites Gathering!

Reader, the 3rd annual Levites' Gathering will be held in New York City. The conference is a forum for ministers, music ministers, musicians, psalmists, praise and worship leaders, sound engineers, gospel music industry leaders, liturgical dancers and more. This is designed as a time of spiritual refreshing, prophetic impartation and strategic empowerment for all who attend. This year registration is completely FREE for the entire gathering including the Academy of the Levites from 9:30am - 11am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Church Announcement: Dr. Juanita Bynum Has A New Interest.

Reader, join Dr. Juanita Bynum for a weekend of strategic vision planning, business development, entrepreneurial branding, and life changing empowerment teachings that will propel your visions into successful realities and give you the keys to not only reach new levels of success but maintain it as well!
Thursday, June 16, 2016 - Saturday, June 18, 2016. In this weekend, you will learn 12 points that will help you put the “P” back in your POWER!

Lord Have Mercy: Trump Holds First Meeting With His “diversity coalition”!

Reader  the meeting of house negroes has now come to order. Have y'all every notice diversity is a word that only comes up during elections. The rest of the years it's you people, assimilation, thug culture.

Trump 'Diversity Coalition' Holds Hectic First Meeting

False Teacher Paula White Wants You To Sow Your ‘Lazarus Seed’ Of $1,144, She'll Send Handkerchief Back!

Reader PIMPIN' FOR JESUS ain't easy, according to this article. When it comes to ‘holy begging’ for your ‘faith seed’, False Teachers Paula White can pimp it out like few others can. Here we see her from Easter, promising you a 'Lazarus experience' in 'rising from debt and oppression' for a mere $1,144.00 She promises to send you a handkerchief back!

I honestly cannot image the extent to which someone's heart would have to be seared to be able to look into the camera and lie like that. To steal like that. Paula White is a double thief, because she steals from God's word in order to then steal from the members.

Texas Church Drove Out the Predatory Loan Industry!

Reader, kudos to this pastor, I'm really glad to read this article.This article shows two interesting points:
1. The devastating results of predatory lending and 2. The impact of a small collection of unified citizens on the decisions of elected officials.

 One thing that still makes me angry when I recall it is the responses from the director of a company engaged in similar lending in Alabama when trying to help a loved one who had paid thousands yet supposedly still owed all and more than the original small amount borrowed. We see these kind of lenders more and more now, with slick funny ads, but it is a sad indicator of social inequality that is fast becoming an issue everywhere.

How a Texas Church Drove Out the Predatory Loan Industry

Lord Have Mercy: Cirque du Soleil Has Just Announced It's Canceling All Shows In North Carolina.

Reader,Cirque du Soleil has just announced it is canceling all shows in North Carolina for the rest of the year. The Canadian-based company which employs 5000 people and has been called "the largest theatrical producer in the world," denounced the Tar Heel State's anti-LGBT law HB2 as regressive. "Cirque du Soleil strongly believes in diversity and equality for every individual and is opposed to discrimination in any form," the company said in a statement posted to social media.

"The new HB2 legislation passed in North Carolina is an important regression to ensuring human rights for all." "We therefore choose to cancel our scheduled performances of OVO in Greensboro (April 20-24) and our scheduled performances in Charlotte (July 6-10) and our scheduled performances of TORUK – Avatar in Raleigh (June 22-26)."

Question Of The Day: Can A Mason Be A Christian??

Reader, I know little about Masonry and its tenets. But I do know there's  a verse in the BIBLE that says come out from among them and be separated. But how can that be when you are a Mason, Eastern Star, Omega, Kappa, Delta, and Christian? By the way, I have no problems with any of them. This article purports to explain some major problems with its philosophy. If you don't know about Masons this is worth the read. What do you think? Can one be a Christian and a Freemason?

Church Announcement: "It's Impossible To Sell Your Soul To The Devil"!

Reader,people give a lot of surprising answers on Family Feud, but when the Patterson family members were asked to name something they would consider selling if the price was right, their answer was pretty shocking. The pastor and family said they would "sell their soul, for the right price." For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

Steve Harvey asked Cecilia, who was the designated spokesperson for the Patterson family, for her answer and she came up with “sell your soul.” That answer would be mildly concerning if it were any other family, but one of the Pattersons is a pastor! Of course, Harvey didn’t let that little fact slide as he chided the pastor for letting his family give such a blasphemous answer.

Church Announcement: Let The Levite Live!

Reader Apostle Matthew Stevenson III is speaking the heart of GOD in his latest Facebook post...let the Levite live. Apostle said integrity and character should trump giftedness and skills. The problem is when pastors don't hold them accountable for their lifestyles and allow them to live kind of way they want and still lead the choir or music at the church. This doesn't help but hurts everyone in the long run. We make them believe that living right is not as important as how well they can sing. Their gift lacks discipline and like an undisciplined child they are screaming for correction that brings safety and direction. We're killing them when we don't correct them.