Tina Campbell Suffered From Depression After Infidelity, Says She Wanted To Kill Her Kids?

Reader, I'm so over Tina Campbell foolishness and her drama. She acts like a cheating husband has never happened to anyone before, her.  If her husband made her feel all of that nonsense...then why in the world did you stay together?

 During a promotional event for her new book and album, gospel singer Tina Campbell revealed her nightmare battle with depression and how she “wanted to die.” Campbell, one half of the platinum-selling gospel duo Mary Mary, told the audience that dealing with her father’s death in 2013 and the consequences of her husband’s infidelities was overwhelming.

Tina Campbell Suffered From Depression After Infidelity, Says She Wanted To Kill Her Kids?


  1. Along with prayer, this woman needs psychological counseling and maybe prescription meds. There should be no shame tied to seeking help in this way. If we are sick are we not to seek a physician?

    To often certain races and ethnicities shun psychological care and people site and watch the consequential damage to lives.

  2. Tina was within Biblical grounds to divorce Teddy since infidelity was involved. I agree with the above post that Tina needs psychological help. Thank God for her album and book, but she needs a sabbatical from the industry to heal her family. Psychological care is important in scenarios like this.

  3. The devil is a liar. Who is to say she's not making all this up to sell her book? Or to draw others through the "gift of transparency" ? The devil works in mysterious ways...

  4. Praying for her, my heart hurts for her, even today. God do the transformation without the world watching. What's sacred does not have to be shown to the world. That's how the enemy comes in. Her up and downs is alarming.

  5. This sicko needs help, what kind of mother say out of her mouth that she wanted to harm her own kids because of a cheating husband?

  6. The way to triumph over depression and anger is by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Her transparency may help someone else feeling the same way and prevent them from making a rash decision during difficult times. But, as usual when soneone confesses their sin, as the Bible instructs us to do, folks run quickly to destroy them with ridicule and shaming. No wonder so many people are afraid to share their struggles.

    1. Look...this thing about transparency is just exposing who she is. And about confessing your sins...the Bible says confess our faults one to another. Your sins, you should confess to God. Stop judging folks for calling out Tina.


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