Lord Have Mercy Lamar Sally Want To Know What Good Christian Woman Would Abandon A Child?

Reader word on the street is that Sherri Shepherd is not a good Christian woman after abandoning her parental responsibilities. I could only imagine how a man would be vilified for doing the same.

 For those of you who don’t know the back story, Sherri and Lamar were married and agreed to have a child via surrogate using a donor egg — both of which Sherri selected and paid for according to the rumors. While the surrogate was five months pregnant, Sherri and Lamar ended their marriage and she declared she no longer wanted to be a mother. They went to court where Sherri tried to absolve herself of all legal and financial responsibility for the child, but the court ruled in favor of Lamar and she’s on the hook for $4,100 per month."

Does this make Sherri Shepherd a bad Christian? 


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