Lord Have Mercy "The Christian Post" Says Donald Trump Faith Is A "Scam"!

Reader you can argue with me until you are blue in the face, but the GOP candidates are hate mongers. If they make you feel good because they proclaim to be Christian, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your faith. They shouldn't make you feel good, and you should neither turn a blind eye to their hate, nor endorse their behavior in any manner. They are horrible choices to govern our melting pot.

The media is saying that "The Christian Post" has never once taken a political stand but they're "making an exception because Trump is exceptionally bad." They say the Republican front runner's faith is a "scam," and warn Christians against voting for him. If you really wanted to support Christianity, then why not vote for someone who lives like a Christian should....in my opinion no of them do.

The entire clown wagon uses the word "Christian" and "Religious Right" for political purpose. There is nothing Christian about a politician who go around hating people, race, sexuality, and immigrants. Christ would never do that, nor would he endorse anyone who does. I am sorry, but there are not too many Christian people running on the republican ticket. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have fought for civil liberties their entire lives. I truly believe that they act in a much better Christian manner than anyone on the Republican platform.

Leader of Southern Baptists comes out against Trump.... Christian Post:



  1. Donald Trump doesn't scare me. But what's scary is the amount of support he's getting. Seems to me that a lot of "Christian Evangelicals" are secretly racist and agree with him. I'd say that most of their faith is a scam, Trump is just bold enough to not hide it.

  2. Don't forget the close to 100 black pastors that endorsed Trump at the end of 2015. These pastors are blind to the negative impact a Trump presidency would have. I am glad to see Evangelicals stand up against Trump's campaign, but I wish the black pastors who endorsed him would change their tune.

  3. I agree ! There is NOTHING Christian about Donald Trump ! His speech betrays him ! His mouth is full of gall, bitterness,cursing, sexual innuendos, racism and filthiness ! No real Christian should support this " sicko "! We have not heard the Democrats speaking such foolish and degrading rhetoric.

  4. Donald Trump is running for president, not pAstor of the US. He is a businessman who happens to know how to use his gifts to get what he wants. Funny thing is, the christians havent been able to stop him. Its as if he is immune to their attacks. Their boy Cruz has not yet been able to convince enough peopl to support him.


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