Jesus Take The Wheel Demon Weave???

Reader here's a story that is going viral, in a bad way. Thieves have killed four people while trying to steal hair weaves and products in Memphis, and some people living in the great state of Tennessee think demonic spirits could be to blame.
""Whose-ever hair I was wearing on my head, that heifer had a bad omen and that bad omen followed her from India and came on top of my head, and I took on her spirit.""  
Lord have mercy:

 "The bible has no reference to demonic possession of things or objects," said Dr. Bill Adkins, pastor at Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith. Dr. Adkins is doubtful demons would possess weaves and wigs. "That's not from Christian doctrine. That's from animistic beliefs, animism from Africa, from the Caribbean, voodoo, religions and cults that practice this concept of evil spirits taking possession of evil things..." Thoughts?


  1. Chris Rock made a documentary a few years ago called "Good Hair" (it was very entertaining).

    But in the movie he discovered that most hair that is used for weaves comes from people willing donating there hair to some type of tribal temple in India. These people aren't paid for their hair. So many women are wearing another persons sacrifice to THEIR GOD on their head.

    Not sure if that makes the hair evil but that's just a bit of FYI.

    1. Cop, I watch the same documentary where the women cut off all of their hair as a sacrifice to their god. The ladies cut-off their hair for success and good luck. The name of the spirit god is Venkatesha. Canton Michigan (upper middle class) has several temple where they worship these colorful animals idols with six to eight arms. Novi Michigan (High percentage of millionaire than any other cities in Michigan)has a Venkatesha God Tempal where female can worship this spirit god by the cutting of hair.


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