Gospel Singer James Fortune Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Wife!

Reader here's an update to a story we've been following since October 2014. Gospel singer James Fortune pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife yesterday. This is sad but what's worse is the response from some of the Christian community that encouraged people to pray and not expose or share this information on social media. According to what I read James Fortune hit his wife with a stool kicked her and slammed her into a wall. The Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office says gospel singer James Fortune has entered a guilty plea for felony domestic violence. Prosecutors say he was sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday but it was suspended for five years while he is under the supervision of the court.

 Fortune will also have to perform 170 hours of community service according to District Attorney John Healey. Assistant District Attorney Alex Folet says this is related to Fortune’s assault on his wife back in 2014. Part of the agreement is to stay away from his wife and he cannot go within within 200 feet of her place of employment, her home or her person. If Fortune violates these rules the judge in the case has the right to revoke his probation. Alex Foley is the assistant district attorney who handled the case. Source:


  1. The sad thing is that churches are still inviting him to perform and speak.

    1. Because domestic violence is more prevalent in the church than most people realize. I've heard many of stories of battered first lady's and physically abusive pastors. A lot of these women in these church congregations have low self esteem from childhood & will blindly follow anyone with a little charisma & power. So I don't expect the church to rebuke him.

    2. Ann the assault occurred in 2014. James Fortune was just in court yesterday and entered a guilty plea. I'm seeing a lot of backlash over the guilty plea. But why?!? He knew he was guilty and for those of you on the outside, he's been saying it since it happened. He lost his show, place in the industry and so much more (no surprise, there).
      What's really perplexing is how some folks are bashing him and his guilty plea were praising the other artist from Houston when they made a statement last week.
      Don't trip on him because his mess was made public. At the end of the day, we're all people God chose to use, in spite of us. I support his recovery! Now that he's been sentenced, let's let him and his family recover. Can we do that?!?
      Pray for James and his family.

  2. Come on James... Dude, bruh, it's like..really?? I was somewhat moved when you stood next to your wife at (I forgot the name of the awards show) that awards show giving your testimony on how you, your wife, and kids survived being homeless. You said out your mouth while looking at your wife, "you never gave up on me." smh.... That moment like messed me and my wife, Michele up. Now look at ya! Sorry, I gotta give you a whoopin' right now. Especially when a man physically and willfully attacks a woman, let alone his wife. Well, God is dealing with you now. I pray for restoration for you and yes Anonymous, these churches gone keep on invited him to saaaang and preeeech, until he has to do his time if any. smh.

    1. Patricia HamiltonWednesday, 09 March, 2016

      Timezone exactly! Praise God, he pleaded guilty and is seeking help. After reading about the 4-year, help is definitely needed and there is some deep pain and damage that took place somewhere in his life. Prayers is needed because domestic violence, anger and pain exist in the Christian community! We are not perfect people, while we all strive for godliness. Hopefully, the Fortune family can “hold on”, in that, the anointing given by God on their lives through Gospel Music can still usher deliverance and healing for many!

  3. "ONCE AGAIN" with ANOTHER slap on the wrist for this "Man of Gawd"

    And "ONCE AGAIN" He will get invited to more "Gospel Explosions", Concert events & Churches that can afford his services.

    And supporters will "ONCE AGAIN" claim that
    James has been tested by the Lord,
    Or has been through the trial,
    Or been redeemed/restored
    Or some other church cliché phrase.

    But James Fortune is no believer!
    He is no MAN OF GOD

    “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”
    1 Timothy 5:8 KJV

    Not ONLY did he not provide for his family, he ABUSED THEM. And if he is like many abusers, I am 99% sure that this wasn't THE FIRST time he hit his wife.

    Like his wife stated, JAMES NEEDS SOME SERIOUS HELP!

    He needs Jesus, not the Jesus that helped him become a gospel artist.

    He needs the Jesus that changed Saul to Paul. James needs some LONG term counseling, WITHOUT producing another to gospel album or concert tour to promote his Redemption.

    1. A cast iron skillet and some hot grits would have cured (delivered) him immediately from domestic violence and then I'd divorce him and move on.

  4. I personally think that there was no real repercussions for his actions which is why after the 1st infraction (abusing his step son), he could turn around and abuse her.... An abuser will abuse anyone.... Smh. I can't believe he got away with just 5 days jail time, I think he deserved more , at least more time to THINK about what he did.
    Everybody makes mistakes, I agree but how many mistakes do you have to make before you realize you have a problem and get HELP???!! Anyhow God Only could be the judge . PRAY FOR OR LEADERS

    1. Soooooo he serves 5 days in jail and then 5 years probation?? What about the incident with his son back in 2002 that he just got off probation for a couple years ago?? This child and the wife have to live with a lifetime of hurt and he gets a slap on the hand.

  5. Praying for James Fortune's wife. The most difficult thing for a Christian wife is to be in a marriage with a Christian husband who has backslidden and brutally hurts you. What's worse and most difficult is wanting to get help but also wanting to cover the sin of your husband. This conflict is real! So real because it is the husband who is supposed to be the priest of the home and cover his wife. What happens when you are married to the priest you can't trust? God sends a deliverer. Wives deliverance is on the way and when it comes, trust in it, walk in it and don't let go of the Deliverer Jesus Christ. He will counsel you out of your mess. This woman did the best thing for herself, husband and children. At the end of the day the Bibles says everything done in secret will come to light!

  6. Ms. Ann this explains when he said he wanted to kill himself at the ileadescape conference.

  7. Chrishonda JacksonWednesday, 09 March, 2016

    Church we need to pray for him, and for Israel Houghton (recently divorced due to infidelity) ... Acknowledging God's truth and justice exposing their humanity and mistakes, but prayer also for their continued salvation and restoration going through these valleys in life.

    1. No, we need to call a spade a spade and sit these fools down for their blatant hypocrisy and sinful nature. Prayer alone isn't the answer here.

    2. Oh my, now that's the REAL truth.

  8. How is he naming a concert
    "Drop that stone"?!?!

    How about


    "Don't KICK START my love"


    "Don't burn children"

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'll get my spelling correct here in a second, haha, Anyway.. Here's what's sad, I know I know... nobody's perfect. But Wess Morgan, he was married for like 17-18yrs and he got divorced! And these jokers under something they calling, "Drop that Stone!" lol...Well I guess we all just a keep on' sinning, actin' a fool, no accountability, hey, "DROP THAT STONE!" STOOOOPID!!

  11. I do agree that Fortune should receive grace, but that grace requires him to face up to his actions. He committed two very horrible crimes which have serious criminal penalties upon admission of guilt. Fortune needs to get himself together fast! The gospel music community is very out of control and it is time for artists to stop playing with God.


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