Good News: Court Again Allows Jahi McMath Family to Prove She Is Alive.

Reader, there's good news for the family of Jahi McMath. If yall remember the Jahi McMath case centers on a teenaged girl who was declared brain dead in California following surgery in 2013, when she was 13, and the bioethical debate surrounding her family's rejection of the medicolegal findings of death in this case, and their efforts to maintain her body on mechanical ventilation and other measures, which her parents considered to constitute life support of their child but which her doctors considered to be futile treatment of a deceased person.

Court Again Allows Jahi McMath Family To Prove She Is Alive.

In October 2014, the McMath family attorney presented new evidence and made the unprecedented request that Jahi McMath's brain death declaration be overturned. The attorney later withdrew this request, saying he wanted time for the court-appointed medical expert and his own medical experts to confer. In March 2015, McMath's family filed a malpractice lawsuit against Children's Hospital Oakland and against the surgeon who performed McMath's surgery indicating they were prepared to argue as part of the lawsuit that McMath is not dead.


  1. Id think she would have lost tons of weight since 2013 (especially in the face). Pic looks more like a casket photo with the casket photoshopped out the pic....Just saying....

  2. I don't know what to make of this because yes, she's alive but she isn't "living". I know it's hard to let go, especially of a child, and my heart truly goes out to her mother... But is anyone really benefitting from this situation? It's just sad all the way around.


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