Pastor John Piper Explains Why Killing Homosexual Is Not Acceptable Under The New Covenant!

Podcast listener Luke writes in:

"Dear Pastor John, I want to first thank you for the Ask Pastor John podcast and for your obedience and love for the Lord. One thing I have always struggled to communicate is the difference between the Old Testament Law and the fulfilled Law after Christ. I have many atheist friends who press me here, specifically when it comes to homosexuality. Why do we as Christians not believe practicing homosexuals should be killed for their sin if that is exactly the prescription in our Bibles in Leviticus 20:13? How would you answer this objection?"
Reader a very good explanation for believers who struggle with an answer to this common criticism and attack on scripture. This is a great listen for those who continue to not understand why laws in the Old Testament aren't observed as they used to be.  This explanation helps clarify for me the difference in old testament law and the new covenant we have in Christ. I like the military instruction book analogy that Pastor John gives.  It sheds light on why we deal differently with sin today than we did before Jesus paid debt. We are to live a new life in Christ but are no longer under the curse of the law and it's punishment. Praise God!


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