Lord Have Mercy, Now David Mann Doesn't Want to Be Labeled Christian Comedian, For Real!

Reader David Mann has come a long way since his days of singing with Kirk Franklin & The Family. I heard about this on Airing the Addisons this morning and I have to say enough is enough. If you are a Christian and you are using your artistry in a way that is edifying believers, the church, and ultimately God then YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN ARTIST. Anytime you feel your artistry or gift is somehow hindered by being labeled "CHRISTIAN" then you are no longer following after God but after the praises, fame, and riches of this world.

If I'm not mistaken being a CHRISTIAN COMIC is how he got where he is today. Fact is he doing this to get MORE GIGS. It's good for BUSINESS. But it may not be considering if it's not broke DONT FIX IT. Being a CHRISTIAN COMEDIAN built his career...In my opinion, David Mann can claim to be a Christian but his not wanting this label makes me question his commitment to God. If he is ashamed of the label of Christ then Christ will be ashamed of him when he gets to heaven.


  1. He has no choice now. He's already signed his name in blood. His wife is next.

    1. I mean...that look in his eyes says it all...

  2. Should we get some understanding towards what he meant of his statement?

    1. I think Ann pretty much explained what he meant. Look into his eyes, and open your eyes to discern. It's not that hard.

  3. So a picture taken 3 years ago tells you what's in "his eyes" now? Really? His statement has not blasphemed God and unless there is evidence that his walk has changed I think its unfair to indict him based on one comment. If his humor changes from clean to filthy, well that's another story...

  4. Well, like the old saying goes "the eyes are the window to the soul"...

    The Buffon "Mr. Brown" may not have taken it to the extreme as you would call it outright "blasphemy (no one said he did), but there is a subtle side to what he is doing, a drifting away, that really shows the true character of this clown. (Personally, I don’t believe in Christian Comedy. There is nothing comical about Christianity.)

    However, like the writer of the post said, if he called himself doing "Christian" comedy, why now remove the label "Christian" from the title? Christian entertainers of his type come across in this manner all the time. They use key words and delicate phrases, and articulate to appeal to all. And all along they claim to be God's property, getting paid and gaining fame (he'll be alongside Jamie Fox or Martin Lawrence one day). I can’t predict he will go all the way vulgar. Wouldn't surprise me if he does. But I can see the direction he’s headed where he will begin to take little potshots at the root and ground of faith.


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