Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor & Wife Arrested For Having Daily Sex Sessions With Teen Girls.

Reader a pastor and his wife are being accused of using their organization as a front to lure teen girls into sexual abuse. In 1999, pastor James Jackson and his wife, Valerie founded P.H.A.T. Positive Habitat Aspiring Teens in Palm Beach, Florida. The nonprofit organization was said to have a goal which would enable teens to express themselves and transition into adulthood.

  You can read about what went wrong here:


  1. This is what turns the stomach of folks who don't even want to believe in God or even want to walk into a church.. smh.

  2. You can't just send your children to have to go with them to church and see if the leaders are really God's people. Everybody that stands in the pulpit are not Godly.

  3. This is what predators do...stop allowing adults, unsupervised, access to your children. Coaches, pastors, teachers, all people in positions of trust, who we seem appalled to find out were being abusive. They position themselves into your life, earn your trust, make you believe their character is without question, and then abuse the young people. Be clear, I'm not saying all coaches, pastors, or teachers do that. I'm saying all predators do, and those roles make it easy to get unsupervised access to your children. Ask questions, does this team sport have closed training? if all you're doing is making my child follow instructions or learn to work as a team, why can't I be present? smh. I'd rather raise a sheltered child than have her tell me at 25, her swim coach abused her, when I forced her to go to learn to swim.

  4. And this is what COULD HAPPEN when people say we should JUST PRAY FOR THEM to be bought to justice.

    While people are praying, theses despicable leaders are having their way with kids, money & everything In between.

    Please continue praying but take action, stop them, report them. No one (EVEN THE PASTORS) are above reproach.

  5. C'mon... the acronym spelled PHAT. Anyone else see this but me? They tried to use even suttle hints at what they was really about.


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