Jesus Take The Wheel: Houston Food Bank Delivers Spoiled Food Twice To Local Church, Apologizes For Mishap

Reader a Houston food bank is apologizing to a local church after delivering a truckoad of spoiled produce. "We clearly failed in this case," said Brian Greene, the President of the Houston Food Bank. John Pyles, a pastor with Tabernacle of Praise Family Worship Center, told KPRC 2 that the Houston Food Bank delivers approximately 10,000 pounds of produce to them every two weeks on Saturday that the organization then distributes to needy families. 
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  1. So let me get this.... it seems as if they have been bringing food for quite some time...... There has been a mishap only twice? Things happen! No it is not favorable and it stinks but it happens! They apologized and refunded your delivery fee! As a church you should have let them rectify the situation instead of dragging their name through the mud! The food bank has helped thousands they should be allowed a few mistakes!


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