Jesus Take The Wheel: Fight Breaks out at Gospel Radio Station!

Reader I would like to think that one would know how to conduct them self properly in public spaces, especially those spaces that supposedly proclaim the Gospel.  Anyhow a gospel radio station in North Texas got a huge surprise when a full out vulgar verbal altercation broke out between longtime Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and former city council member Dwaine Caraway at KHVN.


  1. Went and checked it out. Lord help us.. all that cussin' and we suppose to be saved. smh. Help us Lord. And just the thought of this fighting and foolishness. smh.

  2. WE ARE ALL HUMANS... He confronted the man that smashed his wife in his house. We are acting holy behind our computers but most of us would have probably did the same thing. SMH....

    1. If that's the case, I would have got to him way before the Radio station.

  3. These are what you call church Ni$$ers, I have seen this type of mess before.


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