If You Don't Have A Real PhD Then You Can't Judge Kirk Franklin!

Reader Kirk Franklin took to his social media platform a couple of hours ago to let folks know and to send shout outs to Dr Tony Evans and Dr Kenneth Ulmer. Two of the smartest men he knows  who according to Kirk has chosen the humble road over the high one.  Kirk also wanted to thank the two for fathering him....with real Ph.D's, and for everybody else to stop judging him.

I'm so sick of people hiding behind this quote from this scripture. I notice the fake church people always hide behind that, quoting different verses but living a completely different lifestyle. I was told action will always speak louder than your words. I know people are going to say "oh but you're not supposed to judge " so am I supposed to blindly follow false teaching?



  2. And my question was "Where is his pastor Tony Evans?". REMEMBER?

    Now we know. Pastor Evans had no problem supporting his very own son singing on the secular show "THE VOICE". He and his wife were in the audience singing along with their son the song "If I Aint Got You Baby" by Alicia Keyes. A PHD does not make anyone any more "godly". I don’t care what their status is in the Christian Community. When God made choices to call those who would minister for Him, He chose people lowly of status, lowly in intellect, lowly in character in most cases. He used ordinary, common, everyday people: fishermen and shepherds and slaves.

    Tony Evans is WRONG if he is supporting KIRK in his foolishness. But what can Tony say? He supported his son singing on “The VOICE”. This is why I harp so much and will continue to harp, we need to do music right. We must do as the Bible say and make melodies (simple tunes) in our hearts, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs unto Him. Otherwise, things will spiral out of control like it’s doing so here. This unregenerated individual, Kirk Franklin sanctioning his mingling with mockers and blasphemers, because folks with PHDs he calls his fathers, renders him support. We have here, Kirk Franklin playing the "educational elitism" card. This stupidity is so ridiculous, I’m not sure if I should laugh or shake my head in disgust. I pray the LORD’s judgment on KIRK. God knows what Kirk really needs.

    Folks have got to wake up. Singing is not a gift of the Spirit. Singing is not a ministry. There is no such thing as “minister of music”. Look it up in the Bible. There are tons of good spiritual songs out there beside black gospel music.

    And I’m not even going to mention Kenneth Ulmer and all his issues. Again, so what he has a PHD.




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