Dr. Earl Carter Dismiss The False Rumors Concerning His Counterclaim Against COGIC Presiding Bishop.

Reader, in Dr. Earl Carter latest Youtube upload, he dismisses the false rumors concerning his counterclaim against COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake. Former Florida Circuit Judge and Law Professor Kenneth L. Williams explains Dr. Carter's Counter Claim. Dr. Earl Carter is calling for supporters financial help to retain an attorney.


  1. I have to admit the video was very informative and clarifies the whole situation. However, Dr. Carter would better use his time wisely on YouTube if he does not attack Bishop Blake. He makes the statement: "It has been reported to me..." but does not reveal the source of this information. The way to be zealous for righteousness is to continue preaching the message of holiness he has done for years.

    1. Johnny Hopkins I have to admit that the video was very informative also. Especially to learned that it was Bishop Blake all this time who tried to have Dr Carter counter case dismissed completely is a shame. The judge himself said it was filed by the petitioner or plaintive which would be Bishop Charles Blake...Now why would he do that???? What's he hiding???

      I hope Dr Carter get's the Money to refile his case. Bishop Blake set a road block against Dr.Carter by trying to have Dr Carter case dismissed. I am so disappointed in how he's have been acting in this,his conduct with the turning the body of Christ against Dr Carter, by telling them not have him at their church, sending emails against him, calling the police on him...what kind of god he got??? Just ashamed...I will be glad when he is gone. Now he got COGIC members coming for Prophet Brian Carn because they think that he is helping Elder Carter. Lexi Allen Ghetto behind,using what recently happen to Prophet Carn as an excuse to do a snick attack against him, talking about Prophet Carn was trying to stop Le'Jezebel Johnson from performing at different churches when in reality her presiding bishop is trying to stop this man for making a living to feed his family. But of course they don't see this.

      God is letting the real COGIC be expose..glad the formal judge told us it
      was Bishop Blake who tried to get the counter case dismissed in its entirety!!!!
      This all started because a man of god(Dr Carter) preached the word and Blake flipped out.
      out what Kind Of Bishop is that??????

    2. This is a blog and the video is not an objective reflection of to what the court ruled. So yeah, more lies and confusion from people who believe whispers and rumors than the truth. The case was dismissed without prejudice. If Carter wants to refile he can but until then it is dismissed. No need to invent or create a story to satisfy your imagination.


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