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Come On Bernie Sanders, In A Black Church On Sunday Morning And Can't Get An Amen!?!??

Reader black church after a long service is a tough place to get excited.  According to reports, Bernie Sanders was in a black church in South Caroline Sunday morning and could not even get an amen. The problem for Bernie began as soon as he Mr. Sanders walked into the dining room of the revered and predominantly black Brookland Baptist Church. Instead of flocking to him, as supporters do at his large college rallies, many of the church’s 780 members present looked up for a moment, then quietly went back to eating their Sunday feast — unmoved as Mr. Sanders, the senator from Vermont, tried to work the room.

In my opinion,  Hillary Clinton does not have a lock on the Black vote, but she do have my vote.  Bernie Sanders lost me by being  grumpy and unmoved by BLM. He lost me by being radical on free college  but shy on reparations. In my opinion, he punched the black vote in the neck and slapped it when he painted Obama as misguided and weak, I didn't like that at all.

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  1. Ms. Ann this is a comment I found to be very interesting.


    Bernie better win some Black voters so he can win South Carolina... He has one week to do it.. Can he make that happen? If not its pretty much a wrap for him.... In the past candidates like Obama could depend upon having access to the airwaves via a Steve Harvey or Tom Joyner and maybe Rickey Smiley...Steve is on 6 station in SC.. Joyner is on 4 Smiley is on one.. BET and TV One also granted access.. hence folks were able to get familiar and get some sort of relationship established.. Is that happening for Bernie now? From the various stations websites and Bernie's site it doesn't appear like he's been on those outlets..
    Like it or not Hillary Clinton pretty much OWNS the Black political class..And I do mean OWN..Record amounts of mass incarceration and punitive disabling welform reform on her husband watch with her compliance, be damned.. There may be one or two here and there who ain't riding for her, but for the most part she got the power players with access on board and in line..
    There's a sizeable number outside the political class, but many will not be voting... Some feel its not worth it.. Nobody has really engaged them in a meaningful way..The narrative that their vote will not make a difference has been able to carry the day without much compelling challenge..

  2. Pls...black folks will vote for anything that says Democrat!!!!

    1. So we should vote Republican? We only make up 13% of the population. We have to vote in our best interest and MUST vote in local elections if we want to see real change. We cannot just vote in the presidential elections.

    2. God's Child by the same token white folks will vote Republican.

    3. @ God's Child
      What's the alternative? We live in a two party system, you have to vote either democrat or republican. Who are you suggesting that we vote for? Trump? Do you think he gives a care about blacks?

  3. Come on....you always have options. It's simple...don't vote! I wouldn't vote for someone with moral/ spiritual beliefs that doesn't line up with the Word of God. Before anything...I'm a child of God before I'm black. Now in politics...name some things that the Republican candidates would not do for black people that Obama did for black people during his presidency???

    1. Don't vote? This is a presidential race not a pastoral race. Not voting almost guarantees that your issues will never be addressed. In terms of Obama, the religious right wing Republicans & Conservatives blocked every initiative that benefited blacks. If you vote for the senator & house representative that represent your views, Obama & any other president can get things done. But for starters I suggest that you educate yourself on how our political system works before encouraging folks not to vote. Because not voting can reverse the little that has been done and take us right back in time where you lose many of the liberties that we all enjoy. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

    2. What the heck God's Child, don't vote? Are you for real?

  4. I'm educated enough to know the history of both parties and how the system works! You should tell the rest of the black community it doesn't stop with the Presidential election. And what initiatives have Obama put forth to benefit the black community? And I will not...repeat...will not vote for someone that doesn't not have the same moral/spiritual beliefs that is based on the Word of God! Which includes 90% + of the Dem. Party.

    1. And that's your right!! But doesn't the word also teach us to use wisdom and obey the law of the land? I just thank God the millions of other minorities don't share your backwards sentiments, because if they did we'd still be eating at separate tables and using back doors marked "colored"

      In regards to Obama, I don't know what type of specific help blacks are looking for from any president. Anyone with any clue of how the political process works wouldn't be looking to the president to solve local issues, that's what local government is for.

      Additionally, he's the president of ALL people, not just blacks, Christians, and whites. He has a duty to be ALL inclusive and not just do things for one specific group. With that being said, Republicans have blocked every effort to maintain infrastructure, hire teachers, raise the minimum wage, give equal pay for women, stop special tax breaks for millionaires corporations (especially oil companies), stop tax breaks for sending jobs out of the country, provide student loan relief, help the long-term unemployed, and more. Instead they insist on even more tax breaks for oil companies and billionaires, on cutting environmental protections, deregulating oil companies, and so on. All of those initiatives would have the greatest economic value to blacks and minorities.

    2. Right on Anonymous I love your comment.


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