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Never Compromise Your Faith For Fortune!

Reader, when the church won't lift up the Name of Jesus in the world the Lord will find someone who will. I Love this! Here was a kid they said wasn't big enough to make it in the NBA and look at him now. Lots of people probably thought he was crazy when he said "no thanks" to NIKE but you have to stick to what YOU feel led to do. You will have people criticize you, tell you how decisions aren't the best for you, make fun of you. Let your spirit lead you and you'll never be wrong. Don't give those people a voice. Kudos to Mr. Curry. He will continue to be blessed by sticking to his convictions.

According to the reports, Steph Curry had to make a decision to either stop writing scripture in his shoe before every game while wearing Nikes, or wear a sneaker made by a company who would support his vision. Steph Curry decided that his faith was more important that the fortune he earned from Nike, so he cancelled his deal with Nike and now wears Under Armor snea…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Locks Congregation Out Of Their Church!

Reader, when WVTM 13 News arrived at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church on Warrior Road in Birmingham on Sunday morning, members were outside having church. Churchgoers said their pastor, Dr. Willie Jackson, locked them out. "We're in the process of asking our pastor to vacate the pulpit, so I guess this is the way of showing us that we can't come here and worship," former church trustee member Ann Zellander said. Zellander said through legal advice, they gave Jackson a notice to resign Feb. 7 and that he had seven days to vacate his position.

Fix It Jesus Another Pastor Has Been Shot And Killed During A Church Service.

Reader, another pastor has been shot and killed during a church service. The suspect the victim brother was sitting in a pew at St. Peters Missionary Baptist in Dayton, Ohio, when he suddenly started following pastor William Schooler, 70. As the choir was singing, witnesses say they heard two shots as Schooler headed behind the pulpit.

Daily Mail

Earth Wind & Fire At Maurice White's Service At Agape Intl Spiritual Center.

Reader this was a magnificent send off for EWF Maurice White, at Agape Intl Spiritual Center, what a send-off. EWF grooving up Maurice White's funeral service with a mini concert. The program says they closed out with September. What a celebration! EARTH WIND AND FIRE - probably one of my favorite all time group in the world.  I never got to see them in concert growing up but always loved their music.

Thank you, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith!
The Funeral for Maurice White was some funeral!

Is It Offensive? Kanye West's Latest Music Artwork Combines Imagery Of The Bible And The Quran.

Reader, no stranger to controversy, Kanye West has once again stirred up debate over his latest release. The 38-year-old rapper published an image to accompany his most recent collaboration to the social networking platform Twitter. The image features a white book with the word ‘Quran’ on the front cover and the words ‘Holy Bible’ on the back with an image of a cross.

Dr. Earl Carter Dismiss The False Rumors Concerning His Counterclaim Against COGIC Presiding Bishop.

Reader, in Dr. Earl Carter latest Youtube upload, he dismisses the false rumors concerning his counterclaim against COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake. Former Florida Circuit Judge and Law Professor Kenneth L. Williams explains Dr. Carter's Counter Claim. Dr. Earl Carter is calling for supporters financial help to retain an attorney.

Get Out Of Here: Was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Apart Of An Elite Secret Society?

Reader, would you say it's easier to say your a Christian then to say you're part of an occult? I'm guessing that is why they use the word "secret". The reality is much more interesting when we get to see what's hidden. Oh if we could only see the rest of all our political leaders closets. The affiliation of a Justice on the highest court in the land to an organization that, for all appearances, is nothing more than a right-wing cult should arouse not only suspicion but an investigation.

Since the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, there has been a great deal of suspicion about the details surrounding his death. First, the fact that an autopsy was not performed on Scalia raises suspicion, but then after it was reported that he was found with a pillow over his head, many began to suspect foul play.

 This week, another interesting fact has been reported by the mainstream media, which adds an additional layer of mystery to the story. According…

Is Belief In The Trinity Necessary For Salvation?

Reader "Is Belief In The Trinity Necessary For Salvation?"  I will answer that with "No." One does not have to beleive in the Trinity to be saved.  But, a healthy realization of the Trinity is crucial for the kind of Christian life we lead as believers and for the kind of church-life we experience. Also, to me if you don’t believe in the Trinity, then you don’t understand who God is. You may say the word “God” but you don’t understand His nature. Second, you couldn’t possibly understand who Christ is—that He is God in human flesh. The Incarnation of Christ is an essential component of the biblical gospel, as John 1:1-14 and many other biblical passages make clear. To deny the Trinity is to deny the Incarnation. And to deny the Incarnation is to wrongly understand the true gospel.

 In these last and evil days, there are many who will be deceived, folks need to study the word for themselves so that they will/can not be deceived in the end. I hate it when people say t…

Denise “Vanity” Mathews Funeral Information!

Reader the funeral for ordained minister, Denise Katrina Matthews will be held on Saturday, February 27th, 2016, 11 a.m. at 33700 Alvarado-Niles Rd, Union City, CA. The service is open to the public. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Jesus Christ for all Nations. Denise Matthews died Feb. 15, 2016 at a hospital in Fremont, Calif. She was 57. Gisela Hernandez, spokeswoman for Washington Hospital Health Care System in Fremont, CA, confirmed her death. The cause was due to a long battle with kidney-related health problems.

Did Dr. Kelly Price Intentionally Mislead Her Fans and Followers??

Reader two days ago Ms. Kelly Price hit, Instagram and Facebook with cap and gown on to announce to the world that she is now Dr. Kelly C. Price.  Well, that is awesome, as we were just as shocked to find that she had decided to further her education by continuing on to acquire a doctorate, we were just as shocked to see her fans slam her major accomplishment. Soon after posting her accomplishments, fans started to question Ms. Price about if she,  in fact were a Doctor or if she had even attended school at all, and some folks even politely asked that she not refer to herself as a doctor at all, because in fact she was not. Fans are now asking Kelly Price to clarify and retract what she’s posted on her Instagram account.

See more at:

Honorary doctorates are special academic distinctions awarded to individuals whose personal and professional achievements over the years have made an invaluable contribution to the University, to their discipline or to society at large.

Facebook Comment:

Alabama Attorney Files $6 Million Lawsuit Against Five SCOTUS Justices For Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Reader, I didn't know the SCOTUS could be sued for their ruling?  I thought you had to accept the ruling and move on, apparently not.

Family law attorney Austin Burdick, has filed a $6 million federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama against each of the five Supreme court justices for ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kegan are named personally in the suit. Burdick, a Republican who unsuccessfully ran for office in 2012 and whose name appears in an online listing of Mormon attorneys, is charging the five justices with violations of the 5th and 14th Amendments, and violations of their oaths of office. He claims in the lawsuit that he has suffered "damages and harm," and "seeks recovery of damages exceeding $6,000,000.00."
Alabama attorney files $6 million lawsuit against five scotus justices for same sex marriage ruling.

Brian Carn Keep Going Forth!

Reader, this video has caused division among the saints especially the FIVE FOLD MINISTRY.  Prophet Brian Carn has been accused of speaking the exact words of a Psychic. Now the question for me is, why now? I believe Prophet Carn is in a MAJOR way  about to  really strike the Kingdom of Satan hard. What better attack time than right before Prophet Carns 48HR of prayer.

Facebook Comment:
A prophetic gift that is not governed by The spirit of God is classified as witchcraft, soothsaying, divination, psychic. Since it is a gift it is possible to be accurate and far from God. Believe it or not, there are many psychics in churches today. Please don't discredit the oil of Brian Carn just because the prophetic word he gave may match what the psychic said. False prophecy isn't defined by word but the spirit. If a person has not God but prophecies accurately the word is false. According to Deuteronomy 13. If a person prophesies and yet they lead you to follow after another God to consid…

Get Out Of Here:This Pastor Is Sleeping Outside Until His Church Accepts LGBT People!

Reader, I'm just curious ... would this pastor be doing this had his own daughter not "come out"? It's just sad that so many people don't get involved with an issue unless and/or until said issue affects them personally, this is a different approach to this issue. A Methodist minister has cast himself out into the cold to show his support LGBT people, vowing to sleep in a tent outside his Michigan home for 175 days to protest his church’s opposition to same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBT members.

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Fight Breaks out at Gospel Radio Station!

Reader I would like to think that one would know how to conduct them self properly in public spaces, especially those spaces that supposedly proclaim the Gospel.  Anyhow a gospel radio station in North Texas got a huge surprise when a full out vulgar verbal altercation broke out between longtime Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and former city council member Dwaine Caraway at KHVN.

Church, Israel Houghton PR Team Did A "HELLUVA" Good Job!

Reader I truly hated to hear and read this news yesterday. Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Israel Houghton announced to the world that he's officially divorced from his wife of twenty years, Meleasa Houghton, because of his indiscretion.   Me, myself and I want to thank Isreal Houghton for not allowing his sins to sting the church at large by way of scandal & prosecutorial uncovering. I think he's a very talented individual. When one is given a platform like he has, one must do EVERYTHING possible to keep scandal and such from erupting. His PR team did a helluva job in handling this..... Isreal Houghton has one of the largest ministries in the country.  I don't want to come off sanctimonious and self-righteous, which some may read into this post, but that's not it at all. I'm noticing how many of the church community are now lining up to show support and salute Israel on his "transparency." While that has its place, it's TRAGIC that he will now…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor & Wife Arrested For Having Daily Sex Sessions With Teen Girls.

Reader a pastor and his wife are being accused of using their organization as a front to lure teen girls into sexual abuse. In 1999, pastor James Jackson and his wife, Valerie founded P.H.A.T. Positive Habitat Aspiring Teens in Palm Beach, Florida. The nonprofit organization was said to have a goal which would enable teens to express themselves and transition into adulthood.

You can read about what went wrong here:

Come On Bernie Sanders, In A Black Church On Sunday Morning And Can't Get An Amen!?!??

Reader black church after a long service is a tough place to get excited.  According to reports, Bernie Sanders was in a black church in South Caroline Sunday morning and could not even get an amen. The problem for Bernie began as soon as he Mr. Sanders walked into the dining room of the revered and predominantly black Brookland Baptist Church. Instead of flocking to him, as supporters do at his large college rallies, many of the church’s 780 members present looked up for a moment, then quietly went back to eating their Sunday feast — unmoved as Mr. Sanders, the senator from Vermont, tried to work the room.

In my opinion,  Hillary Clinton does not have a lock on the Black vote, but she do have my vote.  Bernie Sanders lost me by being  grumpy and unmoved by BLM. He lost me by being radical on free college  but shy on reparations. In my opinion, he punched the black vote in the neck and slapped it when he painted Obama as misguided and weak, I didn't like that at all.


Fix It Jesus: Money Dividing The Churches!

Reader this company is wanting to build a major coal terminal in Oakland and has been donating money to black churches near the project to gain their support. That's according, to The East Bay Express reports.  I am proud of  the  Pastors for standing up for breathable air along the low-income corridor that the trains full of coal would pass through. I understand how good the benefits sound for churches trying to help with jobs and housing in such bad times, but deals made in secret by big corporate interest are never what they seem, and those trying to do good always get played in the end.

Fix It Jesus: Charles Butler & Trinity Under Fire From The Saints!?!?

Reader Charles Butler & Trinity appearance at Bishop Hezekiah Walker's ChoirFest in Las Vegas Friday night has sent social media into a tizzy. So much so that Charles Butler had to take to the groups facebook page to try and calm the saints down.

Ok, I might get some hateful comments for this and that's fine, absolutely this was "anointed" by the black church standard, I get that.  BUT, when you are a women of God you have to be MINDFUL of what you are wearing.  Yes, God gave us ALL beautiful bodies, faces, eyes, legs, hair etc in all different shapes, sizes and colors uniquely made. BUT we need to make sure when we minister we are not helping someone to lust or have a wandering eye, for someone to feel the spirit and then get knocked out because they see your underwear line or your bra not supporting you.

 Everyone is not where they need to be and we do not want the way we dress to push anyone backward. Nor anyone else being tempted on our behalf. And Pastors...…

Jesus Take The Wheel: Prophet LAUNCHES Anointed Soap That Lures Men And Brings Back Lost Lovers!

Reader a prophet is claiming to have anointed soaps for his female followers which enabled them to lure men into love relationships. Prophet Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries officially unveiled the anointed soaps to his congregants last Friday. The Man of God whose church is located opposite Glen View 8 Poly Clinic, claimed among other things that the soap was capable of, it can also lure lost lovers. ‘All married women your prayed have been heard, if your husband is cheating on you and even if he has lost interest in you se_xually your anointed soap is the answer.

 “All you have to do is wash your underwear with that soap or simply bath yourself, make sure the soap passes where he has lost interest and you will definitely come back with a testimony. “To the singles if you are unlucky in love, anointed soap is the answer, you will find men approaching you, they will see you attractive and beautiful. “Ugly women will be married this season because of what God will be doin…

A Stupid Question For A Christian Congregation:

Reader this should be an easy undebatable question for any saint of God to answer but one a godly church should never have to ask. A lot of these preachers are going to hell point blank for twisting and challenging the Bible. I swear ... this show asks the STUPIDEST questions for being about "preachers".

Lord Have Mercy: Mega Church Word Of Faith International Christian Center Wants To Drill For Oil On Its Land.

Reader do you think this church is drilling for oil so the "PEW SITTERS" can become wealthy? No! I didn't think so either. Word of Faith International Christian Center is not just any church that wants to drill for oil on its land.   According to internet rumors, Keith Butler is the head of the Word of Faith International Christian Center, a far-right Christian church in Detroit with 21,000 members. The word of faith movement is one of the fastest growing segment of professing Christianity today. Its growth is at least partially due to the massive amounts of money the leaders are able to extract from the faithful, poor.

According to social media, it's not surprizing that the so called named Word of Faith International Christian Center wants to drill for oil on its land. Keith Butler is a former Detroit City Councilman who also ran for the US Senate as a Republican.  Drilling for oil in Metamora, Michigan was protested against by Republicans. Drilling for oil in Roche…

Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church Senior Pastor Married on Valentine’s Day After Short Proposal!

Reader Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, senior pastor of Atlanta’s Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the “spiritual home of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” already created headlines in December, when he proposed to Miss Ouleye Ndoye at the end of Watch Night Service at the church.  Well, Rev. Dr. Warnock capitalized on another romantic occasion, marrying the former Miss Ndoye during a Valentine Day’s wedding ceremony at the church last Sunday!

Some folks on social media are asking what do you think of their very short engagement....are they trying to hide something? The Warnock's went from proposal to wedding at a swift speed, particularly as it has been reported by the AJC that the two actually were actually first married at a private ceremony at Danforth Chapel on Morehouse College’s campus last month.

Bishop Charles E. Blake Wins Dismissal
 Against Elder Earl Carter!

Reader COGIC the fifth largest Christian denomination Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake has claimed victory in having a counter-claim filed by defendant, Elder Earl Carter, dismissed. The court agreed with Bishop Blake’s assertion that the counter-claim lacked necessary facts to support Carter’s claim.
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Apostle Eddie Long Personal Testimony Of How God "KEPT" Him From Committing Suicide!

Reader this is so powerful, we have to fight every day for our peace, joy, family, our sanity.  Bishop Eddie Long reveals he considered suicide: "I Wanted To Kill Myself And Was Ready. I'm glad he didn't kill himself.  There are so many hurting and broken down trodden people that can be touched & healed because of Bishop Long testimony. I pray for lives saved and total healing and restoration for those who are facing suicidal thoughts in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!
“And you didn’t judge me. There are folk here who know what I mean, that you’re alive because somebody loved you. They didn’t give you a sermon, they didn’t question you, they didn’t call you before a council.” ~ Bishop Eddie Long


Kirk Franklin & Kanye West: A Problematic Partnership!

Reader an excellent commentary on the Kirk Franklin & Kanye West "collaboration"! As you can see, this was written by a brother! Great biblical perspective, the Rev. Joel A. Bowman, Sr. is founder and senior pastor of Temple of Faith Baptist Church in Louisville Kentucky. Pastor Bowman has written a riveting commentary which are getting a lot of buzz (here ) about Kirk Franklin collaboration with Kanye West. Some choose to say there's nothing wrong with Kirk Franklin & Kanye West but the Word Of God says some things about It.  Excellent article. Any Christian defending Franklin has shown a failed knowledge of God and His Word.

Comment: This is not about Kanye West who don't know God, it's about Kirk Franklin who claims to know God. Kanye needs mental health counseling and sincere prayer NOT another religious entrepreneur pimping him to validate their shallow influence in the earth. Yes, Jesus dined with the thieves but He never stole. Stop saying that you…

Church Announcement: Group Of Church Women Are Being Asked To Raise $50K!!.

Reader this is an unusual way to raise money and support. A new initiative hopes to raise at least $50,000 from Detroit-area churches to support a task force involved in investigating and prosecuting rape cases. Details of the program will be unveiled Thursday at Greater Grace Temple in northwest Detroit by Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and the First Ladies of Wayne County.

Evans assembled the group of wives of area church pastors to bring attention to critical issues impacting women. They represent an interdenominational team from various faith organizations, ministerial alliances, and councils. The Sexual Assault Kit Task Force is looking at rape kits found in 2009 in a Detroit police storage facility. More than 10,000 of the 11,341 kits had been tested as of late last year. Some of the sexual assaults occurred as far back as 1984.
Source Here!

COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Talks God's Place In Black History!

Reader COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake has written a wonderful article for Christianity Today about God’s place in Black History. In the article  Bishop Blake talks about how crucial it is to continue to remember the years gone by, and all the ideas and events that have shaped the history of African Americans and our nation. And none is more important than this: the place of God in all of it.

First Lady B

Pastor John Piper Explains Why Killing Homosexual Is Not Acceptable Under The New Covenant!

Podcast listener Luke writes in:

"Dear Pastor John, I want to first thank you for the Ask Pastor John podcast and for your obedience and love for the Lord. One thing I have always struggled to communicate is the difference between the Old Testament Law and the fulfilled Law after Christ. I have many atheist friends who press me here, specifically when it comes to homosexuality. Why do we as Christians not believe practicing homosexuals should be killed for their sin if that is exactly the prescription in our Bibles in Leviticus 20:13? How would you answer this objection?"Reader a very good explanation for believers who struggle with an answer to this common criticism and attack on scripture. This is a great listen for those who continue to not understand why laws in the Old Testament aren't observed as they used to be.  This explanation helps clarify for me the difference in old testament law and the new covenant we have in Christ. I like the military instruction book a…

Lord Have Mercy Look Who's Trying To Be, Doogie Howser, For Real!

Reader I think it's very unfortunate that this young man is being treated this way. The language that he used on his website is similar to the language that many holistic health practitioners use. He sounds like a young man who is in tuned with his natural abilities to help people heal. He never stated that he was a MD, nor did he perform any surgical procedures and dispense drugs. He sounds like most holistic practitioners who rely on natural university principles and practices. Being young, he may not understand that his language has to be tailored in such a way that it doesn't attract the wrong type of attention. It is known that Florida is also a state that is cracking down on  holistic practitioners. I agree with what his grandfather had to say. You can read it here!

Lord Have Mercy, Now David Mann Doesn't Want to Be Labeled Christian Comedian, For Real!

Reader David Mann has come a long way since his days of singing with Kirk Franklin & The Family. I heard about this on Airing the Addisons this morning and I have to say enough is enough. If you are a Christian and you are using your artistry in a way that is edifying believers, the church, and ultimately God then YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN ARTIST. Anytime you feel your artistry or gift is somehow hindered by being labeled "CHRISTIAN" then you are no longer following after God but after the praises, fame, and riches of this world.

If I'm not mistaken being a CHRISTIAN COMIC is how he got where he is today. Fact is he doing this to get MORE GIGS. It's good for BUSINESS. But it may not be considering if it's not broke DONT FIX IT. Being a CHRISTIAN COMEDIAN built his career...In my opinion, David Mann can claim to be a Christian but his not wanting this label makes me question his commitment to God. If he is ashamed of the label of Christ then Christ will be ashamed o…

Preacher Devon Franklin And Meagan Good Bullied A Saint Of God?!?!?

Reader do you think Meagan Good  has a moral obligation to dress a certain way because she's married to a preacher? Does showing her cleavage or wearing fitted clothes make her less of a Christian? Those and other similar questions are being asked in social media after  Devon Franklin "Angry" approach with a church heckler Sunday night, at One Church LA.  Some are saying Devon Franklin and Megan Good missed an opportunity to speak to the "old school church traditionalists" regarding dress code and the "new school avant gardes" who wear "whatever.

I don't think the lady did anything wrong. She just stated her opinion. Nothing more nothing less.  I think he was kinda ratchet with his response and took it personal. Also why did he have to come to his wife defense. I am sure she could have shut that down. It was equally sad that they asked the lady to leave. Why because she asked an honest question and one that has been talked about in the press.…

RIP Evangelist Denise Mathews aka VANITY!

Reader it's saddened to hear Denise Matthews aka "Vanity" transitioned to Glory yesterday. Evangelist Mathews is how she was known in the latter part of her life. She transformed her life from singing  with prince a nasty girl and acting for the last Dragon movie to giving her life over to the Prince of Peace, the First and the Last, Jesus Christ and served as an evangelist.What a great life story, that tmz and some others won't praise about. RIP sister! Her last Facebook post:

Award-winning Singer Seal Is Set To Play Pontius Pilate In Tyler Perry's The Passion!

Reader I'm pretty excited about this project. Seal has an amazing and unique voice and I love Tyler Perry's films. Award-winning singer Seal has been cast to play Pontius Pilate in the live musical “The Passion” airing on Palm Sunday on Fox. As the Bible tells us, Pontius Pilate was the Roman governor who reluctantly sentenced Jesus Christ to death.