What Does Your Denomination Say About Gambling? Does It Have An Official Stand?

Reader, the above questions arise because the latest lottery is nearing the BILLION mark. Someone has to win it, right? I have many Christian friends who are buying lottery tickets, but there are several things that have stopped many from buying lottery tickets.   I found the above question on my timeline to be one of interest.  Even doth the denomination that I was a part of growing up didn't have a rule about gambling, it was a personal conviction for me. I never buy lottery tickets but today is an exception. Wish me luck! If I win I'm taking a non-stop, one-way flight to anywhere.  You will not see or hear from me again!!

Anyhow, one board member of a church I was a member at in the past told me that he bought a lottery ticket each week to help education in his state, and if he won, he would certainly tithe on it. He said there was gambling in the Bible and nothing was wrong with it. I pointed out to him that with the exception of the gambling for Christ's garments at the foot of the crossed by unsaved Roman soldiers, there was no true gambling in the Bible. In all other instances that I can think of, "lots" were drawn. The 10 tribes of Israel drew lots to see what area they would inherit. It was a way of assigning regions of the Promised Land to each tribe. (Two tribes already had the land promised to them on the other side of the Jordan). And, I believe God guided that. Lots were drawn to choose which man would replace Judas in the twelve disciples. And, I believe God guided that. I don't look upon the drawing of lots as being gambling.  Does your denomination has a stance on gambling, please feel free to share it here, too.


  1. We technically didn't have a stance on it. I came from a non denominational church whom believe in the trinity and follow the bible to the T. However I have a friend who ruined his life by doing this and is still paying back debt even after 15 years of being born again and totally making a 180 for his life. He stopped gambling after his salvation. Anyways if you really think about it. Is not gambling in a sense thievery by mutual consent. I don't gain anything by working for it and neither does the next guy standing behind me about to buy a ticket also. Someone will win and someone will lose. However the bible doesn't say that taking risks are sins. If you invest in the stock market you make an educated decision on what to invest in. Thus helping that company provide jobs and grows overtime. Everyone wins. If that company goes under you still helped people. In gambling everyone loses. The people who kept saying this is my day. The people who kept using up there savings, hard earned money, federal dollars, the people who drew up people's hopes and dreams on just one more buy, etc. It just seems in a moral sense to me that it's a matter of stealing. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe the ones that are also buying might be putting their faith in money instead of God.

    1. Chrishonda JacksonSunday, 10 January, 2016

      Wonderful comment Eric!

  2. Ms. Ann, make sure you give Him your 10%...

  3. They preach "Don't play the Lottery". But the day you win something they'll be BEGGING for tithe & offering.

    I don't believe GAMBLING itself is a sin.
    But we are to be good stewards over our money. So if your taking out a small loan to buy lottery tickets or going to the casino you may have to check yourself.


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