VICTIM #2 "Bishop Charles Blake Raped a 14 yr Old Virginia Boy"????

Reader according to Dr Earl Carter latest video, a witness has come forth with a written letter saying "Bishop Charles Blake Raped A 14 Yr. Old Virginia Boy While He Was Visiting LA." Dr. Carter asked are there more VICTIMS out there? Dr. Carter claiming that a police investigation is on the way.




  1. There's trouble in Cogic church.

  2. If this isn't true..... Carter needs to be sued until can't live anywhere but under a bridge in a cardboard box.

    If it's true then bring on the charges.

    Carter has yet to have solid info, it's always somebody said, I was told by so and so. That's not facts or evidence.

    1. Anonymous, I guess the live interview Elder Carter had with Thomas Cross (one of his witnesses) doesn't count...

    2. Whether the charges are true or not, Carter needs to be living under a "bridge in a cardboard box". It is the way he is going about this that is so disturbing. He doesn't seem to care who is hurt or destroyed in the process.

    3. The COGIC denomination just like the Catholic Church hasn't care who they have destroyed over the years. Carter needs to be right where he is, upfront and in center. Its about time somebody expose the filth in the COGIC leadership. The average COGIC member isn't for all this foolishness that's being committed by its leadership or some have been brainwashed into "touch not my anointed"

    4. I'm sure if Carter has been in COGIC for a number of years, he would have known about all the corruption. When he was on the 'good side' of COGIC leadership, he could peacefully co-exist with all the 'filth'. Now that he has been ostracized, he wants to launch this vendetta against Bishop Blake. To me that is very hypocritical. I will not send him a dime. I would give to KKK before giving to him. At least I know what the KKK's motive is. Don't know what this guy's motive is.The COGIC doesn't need someone like him to be its 'saviour'.

    5. Well if I would have to chose between the lesser of the 2 considered evils, I would chose Carter any day over Blake. Blake has done so much corrupt stuff in this church and you dumb preachers keep giving him a pass. Dumb dogs that won't bark. The General Assembly is also the blame for not rising up against the corruption in the church. The General Assembly is the law enacting body of our church and not the presiding bishop and the general board. They a
      ought to hold them accountable.

  3. Earl Carter -------Get A Life

    There has always been corruption in the church and you will not be the one to set everything straight.
    (1) What happened to the money for Saints Center raised years ago.
    (2) Children out of wedlock by JOP
    (3) Bishop Ford's handling of the JD Husbands ordeal
    (4) Power hungry Chandler Owens

    And the list goes on........

    The scriptures that Carter was reading involved those in higher authority exposing those in lower positions. Not the other way around. The ones in top leadership will have to face the judgement of God, not from those under their authority.

  4. Elder Carter uses the scripture how he wants to apply it. There are other scriptures that he should use such as Vengeance is mine and I will repay said the Lord. Elder Carter is a scary person in that he is bent on killing. The Bible says that thou shall not kill. I am so afraid of him and his actions. It has nothing to do with anything other than he is in the line of the wrath of God. Everything he is doing is wrong on all fronts. If the offended didn't come forth at the time of the offense then he doesn't have a leg to stand on. He is very vengeful.

    1. He says that he is exposing all of the corruption. But I think from the scriptures he cited, the reprimanding and exposing of wrong doing was done within the confines of the church community. It was not a vindictive airing of the church's 'dirty laundry' to the entire
      world. It amazes me that people are supporting this man.


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