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Fix It Jesus,Why Millennials Are Ditching Religion For Witchcraft And Astrology!??!??!

Reader  interesting read! We have got to reach out to this generation. We have to lovingly mentor this generation. There world is way different that what some of us had. We lead by example. What happen from one generation to the next? Where did the ball get dropped? If he isn't the center of our life, walk, the way we entreat an react then how do we except Him to be theirs?!! "The psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — grew 2% between 2011 and 2016. It is now worth $2 billion annually, according to industry analysis firm IBIS World".

Question Of The Day?

Reader, what's your thought on children playing on their tablets during church service? Now gaming is acceptable for kids. Do they not need to hear the word like the adults do? I would have been all kinds of pinched.  I remember a time where we couldn't even chew gum in services let alone a piece of candy.
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  1. DISRESPECTFUL...Parents are to blame...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I MAKE my 6yr old son to put that thang up immediately!!

  4. First of all, it should not be brought to church. It's not a time for distraction (playing). Parents today.

    Disrespectful.... absolutely.

  5. Depends on the child's age. I know kids under 5 can get restless in church. When I was coming up they had a room for the young kids to sit/play in during the sermon, if the parents wanted.

  6. It sends a subliminal message to the child that church is not that really important. If these kids were doing the same thing while their teachers or coaches instructed them, the parents would be highly alarmed upon finding out. However, for the church there seems to be no sense of alarm.

    1. Children can't be expected to have the same understanding and composure as adults or even each other, which is why they're separated into different grade levels by age and abilities when in school. Classes & activities are age appropriate and designed to communicate with kids on their level and keep them engaged. The same cannot be said for church. However,many churches realize this and have created youth Sunday, children's church, and other age appropriate engaging ways to teach kids the word of God.

    2. Children should not be expected to have the same understanding and composure as adults. However, children learn most by what is simulated before them. My wife and I made sure all 5 of our children sat next to us and one another on the same pew every Sunday. With this action, we taught them to reverence Worship and God in His House. When they got out of line we subtly corrected them. We made sure they were a part of service, seeing the Pastor preached, the Choir sung, made them stand for congregational singing, observed communion, etc. They may not have understood all of what they say, but I tell you what, when they asked questions, it opened up a tremendous opportunity for my wife and I to further minister to them so that WOULD UNDERSTAND. WE are so quick to look for the easy way of doing things, especially when it comes to children. Jesus said suffer not the little children from coming to him, this after the disciples acted as though they were not of importance. I believe us having our children with is had a great impact on them as they were under the guide to notice adults work in worship. Couple with this impact was us worshiping together as a family TOGETHER. We are so quick to always try something new, like separating families when it comes to worship. Our church offered "Children Church". I made sure my children stayed with me and my wife and we "WORSHIP TOGETHER".

      I am not saying this is the only way so before all would judge saying I need to get out the box, I say we need to take in consideration Children's ability to learn by what they observe going on around them. A lot of what goes on with children being around their peers on learning may not be all it's cut out to be. We hear so many bad stories with these so-called "youth pastors" today.

  7. My kids bring gadgets but not every week, If we are going to be at a very long conference service - over 2hrs than I will let them. During sunday school they leave gadgets behind. Gadgets do distract other kids at time. Its all about balance. I bring my tablet when I want to find scriptures quicker. My kids don't watch tv shows during church though.

    1. You raise a good point. Not only do children bring gadgets, adults do as well and operate them in service for more that referencing scriptures. This sets a bad example all around.


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