One Of Gospel Music's Biggest Stars Is About To Crash And Burn.

Reader (sorry April) I have tried to hold my peace on Leandria Johnson even though I'm frightened by what I see.  When Leandria Johnson stood before the Sunday's Best judges, she was HUMBLE, homeless & trusting God. Because of her integrity, humbleness & character, she had instant success, yet she remained Humble.

Over the last couple of years, she's done a lot of things & asked for forgiveness like MANY OF US. From drugs, face piercings, alcohol, sex & now nudity? Yes, you read that right nudity by mistake.  All I can suggest is PRAYER instead of attack. Thanks to Pastor Kim for coming to the rescue. Whatever she's dealing with is a stronghold & a struggle. We ALL have them. Leandria is in trouble, there is much that I could say, but I will leave her in the hands of God, I only ask for you who are reading this to join with me and pray. Le'Andria Periscope .

Pastor Tanya Why Hasn't The Christian Community Called Out Leandria Johnson.


  1. Thanks Ms. Ann I knew you was going to come through.

  2. Ann, I remember her and the story she told on Sunday's best! Now this is her appreciation of God! Wooooow! Wake up people, though we don't know, the end is closer than you think! Please, please, serve God in truth and in spirit! Call on him! Be delivered!

  3. I've always known the devil to make his appearance thru the body of Christ and to devour souls....but this one person I thought was everything and more just by her ministry and love for Christ, has put a real sour taste in my mouth for good...who is this sin sick soul?...Her name is....LEANDRIA JOHNSON! What is she thinking???? Lord help her.

  4. Sisters we have to pray for LeAndria Johnson! Right now she is not willing to listen to anyone but our prayers on her behalf will make a difference.

  5. She needs to be saved...

  6. Yo seriously I'm praying for LeAndria Johnson but she is draining!!! She needs to get off Periscope until she get her life together!!! Ppl not everything should be broadcasted!!!

  7. lol Folks can say what they want about Le'Andria Johnson but the reality is, she's still real booked! lol Hadn't seen many Gospel artist on Dr. Oz!

    1. GM! I think it's more on the show than anything. But prayerfully God will use him to speak to her. Pastor Kim rebuked her in love and she received it. Still praying for this young lady.

  8. It's sad u think she doing good cause she booked. The devil overbooked to. U don't no what dr oz is going to ask her. It could be a set up of more exposure like preachers of Atlanta. A hot black embarressment to the body of Christ. Sad u don't see it

  9. Pastor Tanya the church world like entertainment an that's what Leandria is right now just entertainment. They aren't concerned about her soul. They cheering her on like a circus act. They waiting so they can pack out the funeral when she crash n burn watch it play out I'm praying for a real intervention Please church don't let Iyanla have to do our job

  10. Mrs. Ann you are fine. You have a right to speak on anything you want. It is understandable. I'm just praying for her. This is all that a person that is looking from the outside in can only do.

  11. The only person who can help this woman right now is ELDER DR. EARL CARTER...


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