Nat Turner, The Slave Preacher And Self-Styled Prophet!

Reader each time I read the story of Nat Turner, I just never imagined there could ever be a film on such a large scale about a "slave rebellion" in America. The first time I got to watch Nate Parker was in the film “The Great Debaters.” Since then I’ve been inspired by such an amazing, dedicated, humble, extraordinary artist and person.  Personally, I see Nat Turner as an American hero. So often do we excuse the barbarity of America’s heroes by saying “he was a man of his time.” However, somehow Nat Turner doesn’t get that pass.

Anyhow, if you haven't heard the story yet of Nate Parker's The Birth of a Maybe you heard about the all-night bidding war for distribution at Sunday...Fox Searchlight finally won out at $17.5M? But you might not have heard about his story to make the film...very inspiring...or...why he chose the name of the film. Very powerful. Below is a short clip of him talking about the film for Sundance - and here's a link to the Wikipedia page talking about how he was able to get the film made. The Power of Intention and Drive!

As Gabrielle Union described him, Parker is someone who “uplifts, educates, and inspires.” His journey, his achievements, and his love for justice and excellence gives me chills of excitement, but most of all hope.

 From the Hollywood Reporter:

"I made this film for one reason — with the hope of creating change agents," Parker told the audience. That people can watch this film and be affected. That you can watch this film and see that there were systems that were in place that were corrupt and corrupted people and the legacy of that still lives with us. I just want you, if you are affected and you are so moved, to ask yourself, 'Are there systems in my life that need attention, whether it be racial, gender?' There are a lot of injustices.” I can’t wait to watch the “Birth of a Nation.”


Shout Out To Some Of The Old Black Church Followers

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